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    I have some herniation od diaphragm that is pulling in abdominal muscles (some hiatal hernia stuff that I have also mostly resolved). as well. I have seen some improvement with some things I have done but its slow moving. It looks like accepting that with patience is part of my healing. Its been a long road as along with that was chronic fatigue but most of those issues are resolved . Flying solo was rough since I had no resources as those with chronic conditions can attest.Lots of surrender. Anyway, onto the diaphragm. It is better just more to do to rset it.
    I have had the audio breathing CD but haven’t used, timing hasn’t been right. Looking for suggestions from. the CD or any others fur the diaphragm for breath work or anything. H Only caveat is can’t do too much at a time as bringing energy too strongly gets the adrenals going sometimes and with the diaphragm as it is, that can be unpleasant. Unless there’s a way to temporarily sedate adrenal activity I don’t know about.
    Many thanks,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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