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    Thank you Bill and Bruce for presenting as amazing system! Bill, your 10 week on line series was clear and concise. I appreciate you’re sense of lightness. I was pleasantly surprised to see Bruce’s Further Study material – a nice bonus. The only thing missing for me here in Montana is personal instruction. I’m waiting to see when the next live workshop will take place as I’m interesting and willing to become an instructor for Dragon and Tiger. I’ve been student and teacher of Aikido for almost 40 years. Aikido seems to be a latecomer to understanding the flow of energy. I’ve been able to integrate some of the movement and energy from D&T into my classes. It has not only enhanced my own Aikido practice, it has improved my students’ technique as well. In addition my D&T practice has produced palpable results in my body. Over the past several years I’ve noticed an increase in the effects of arthritis in my knees and feet (the sins of youth). Daily D&T practice has lessened these considerably!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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