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    hello, i have question regarding the ever-important stance in D&T. i find that as i go through the movements, my feet begin to ever so slightly inch apart from each other during the pivot on the ball of the foot section. after maybe 5 minutes, my stance is definatley wider then when i began. so during the sequence, my mind is partially on using my inner thigh muscles to keep the stance shoulder / less then shoulder width apart.
    my weightedness on the firm leg, the non-pivot leg is about 75%, maybe a bit more.

    has anyone else experienced this?

    thanks in advance,



    Hi Andrew and everyone else,

    I was hoping some other people would share their experiences as well, but since no one has, I’ll volunteer that many people experience this, especially after doing Moves 2 and 7.

    Often this gradual widening of your stance occurs when you don’t quite shift the weight of your torso far enough over your weighted leg. Thus your torso weight is still between your legs while you are doing other things (such as the arm and leg flicks of Movement 2). So naturally your legs and feet get pushed apart a bit with each repetition.

    You don’t want to have to use your inner thigh or any other muscles of your legs or hips to try to maintain the stance width. Try playing with how far over your legs you shift your torso weight, and do try to keep your perineum (the floor of your pelvis) open in a relaxed manner, until you find a width that works for you.

    Of course if your stance widens it’s not big deal. Just adjust it back at any point you like. It’s generally better to do this than to try to hold your stance in the right width. And keep playing with ways to help it not widen.

    I hope you’ve already figured out what works for you, and that my suggestions will help others.

    Have fun,




    hey thanks bill! for that concise tip.
    i’ll definatly try that. i’d like to take this opportunity
    to say what a difference D&T has made in my life – well, i joined that standing circle as well, and in combination its making a difficult time
    of my life better. my emotions are smoother, my reactions, and i feel as if im slowly ‘repaying’ my body back for all the stress and grief its gone through.

    i was also able to take some D&T classes in NYC with susan rabinovitch, and she very much helped, and had lovely things to say about you as well!

    are you far from boston?
    i am a musican and i do have a gig in boston in september. hope i might be able to make time…

    thanks again.



    HI Andrew,

    I’m sorry not to get back to you sooner. It was a very busy summer. I guess I missed you in September.

    That’s great that D&T – and other EA practices – have been so useful to you. Same for me.

    I live in Northampton, MA, which is about two hours driving west of Boston.

    Good practice to you, and say hi to Susie for me if you see her again.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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