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    First of all I want to say that so far I am very happy with the training circle and I have noticed a distinct shift in my practice as well as the frequency of my practice and my dedication to practice.

    Other than Gods qigong being a container for the 16 Neigong and a bridge to Taoist Meditation what else is it that makes this such a unique and “premier” qigong set?

    Are there some specific health benefits can one reap from this set that one might not get from the sets in the Energy Arts core Qigong programs or any other Qigong sets for that matter?

    Also, I’m curious as to the origins of the name “gods playing in the clouds”. Is this it’s original name ?
    Did Bruce come up with name?

    I’m very honored and grateful to be learning this Qigong set.




    Hi, Kevin.

    I suspect you’re not getting responses to your questions for a couple of reasons, but mostly because Bruce’s answers are out there if you want to find them. If you read all of Bruce’s material, you’ll find the answers to your question in his words. I think the best books of his to read are probably; the two volume Water Method of meditation series, Relaxing Into Your Being and The Great Stillness; Opening The Energy Gates…; and Taoist Sexual Meditation. If you read these and follow the training circle material Bruce releases you’ll find the answers to your questions. I think most of us in the community will always defer to Bruce on these things and have come to our own understanding of his material and how we relate to it. There’s a tremendous amount of material out there, including answers to questions you don’t know you have yet (if I can use a kind of cliche…).

    So, good luck and good practicing.

    Best wishes,



    Hi Matthew , thanks for your reply.

    I can see your point how getting bits and pieces from different sources can help with the overall view of these arts. This is how the bulk of my learning comes since I don’t have access to a teacher.

    I’ve got all of the books you mentioned but I have not seen anything specific that relates to the benefits of Gods from doing purely the movements. I should make it clear that:

    A: I’m sure the Gods movements are amazing for health and well being. I was simply trying to satisfy my own curiosity about the health benefits of practicing the set without the 16 Neigong.
    B: I’m not trying to discount your advice- quite the contrary in that I find I learn a lot from your posts and it is evident you are an experienced practitioner.
    C: my questions here are not all that important ! Mere curiosity:)
    At the end of the day i realize it all comes down to practice and that’s where we learn the most.
    Perhaps the benefits from practicing the Gods movements are the same as the benefits listed in the Energy Gates book.
    I also found this on the Gods qigong section of the energyarts website:
    “Practicing the movements from Gods Qigong can make your bones stronger, cleanse your emotional body of negative energy, open and stabilize your heart center and central energy channel, release spiritual blockages and energize the brain.”

    Just a matter of my own curiousity, one thing I haven’t yet came across is the origin and meaning of the name “Gods playing in the clouds”.

    Again, mega gratitude and respect to you Matthew for your help!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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