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    As you learn to wake up the body, your neigung becomes increasingly complex; however, if you found the physiological mechanism that allows you to feel an incredible number of body parts and functions at once, you’ll find that the complexity is easier to manage.

    In my post “Putting Neigung into the Lake Palm Change”, I described an example of using two circles to create consciousness (wake the body up). IMO, this technique is a part of Core II, Spiraling Energy Body. The point of this post is that isn’t the end all.

    Those individual circles can get more complex – you can go in both directions around the circle simultaneously. We are back at the phrase, yang, yin, both yin and yang, neither yin nor yang. You would never even bother to attempt it until you could first create a single circle going in one direction, then the other. Then you might pay attention to two places and create circles in both places. First, going in the same direction and then at some point in opposite directions as I described in my previous post.

    Just as we lengthen out, then lengthen in, and then lengthen both in and out simultaneously, – we can also circle one way then the other then both directions simultaneously. If you can do this in two places at once, you can create a double-helix spiral that Bruce always talks about. And you’ll find that everything in the body works on this principle. Everything is just going around in circles.



    If you practice spiraling as I’ve describe, the body literally wakes up. You gain more and more access to every square inch of the body including the bone marrow.

    I opened the bone marrow up between the circles by twisting the soft tissue in all of the various patterns if described previously. Eventually I began making the circles smaller and deeper until I was essentially creating circles in the bone marrow by twisting the axle.

    Again, this just opens you up more and more. Opening and closing no longer are tied to a joint or cavity. The directions of the circles no longer matter. I’m just playing with consciousness and going around in circles.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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