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    I have been enjoying Dragon and Tiger for the past 3 months. Is it common for its practice to cause healing crises/herxheimer reactions? I thought I read that in a missive by Bruce at one point. Is is possible to tell if it’s the Dragon and Tiger that caused it?

    I know the second question is difficult to answer with any certainty. I’ve been feeling off lately and previous to starting Dragon and Tiger felt pretty solid. So I’m trying to pin down whether it can start causing this type of thing this early on or if I have something else going on.



    Please see Chapter 1 of Volume 1 of Bruce’s books on Dragon & Tiger, and Chapter 4 of Volume 2. Both address the idea of “healing crisis” reactions to qigong practice, which are not uncommon. These sections may help you at least a bit with your question.

    We always suggest in these situations that you seek medical help to assess what’s happening, and if you are feeling strained in some way to stop practicing qigong for a while to notice whether things shift toward the better.

    Good luck in assessing this. If you need further help, please contact an Energy Arts D&T Level 2 or 3 instructor.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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