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    Hi Folks

    Long time ago I experimented with the ‘Songs of the Dao’ for meditation purposes. The problem I had was a technical one. On my ipod I could either chose to play a song once and then stop it manually or loop it forever. But, once is not enough and forever is too much.

    So I developed the idea to use playlists and a set of tracks which consists of recorded silence only to give me the option to use one or more songs of the ‘Songs of the Dao’ CD for energertic stimulation in meditation.

    And this is what I did. I recorded a set of silence tracks with garageband, put them together as an album, and started creating playlists like the following one:

    1. Finding the Heart Mind (Eat – neutral start with a base technique)
    2. Silence 15 Min. (Digest)
    3. From Fog to Enthusiasm & Joy (Eat – the subject I am working on)
    4. Silence 15 Min. (Digest)
    5. From Fog to Enthusiasm & Joy (Eat – the subject I am working on)
    6. Silence 15 Min. (Digest)
    7. Signal (tells me that a hour has passed)

    Playlists allow not only to use silence tracks between the songs to create an eat and digest pattern, they also allow to mix songs in a reasonable manner as shown above.

    So, I am writing this not just to inform you guys about the possibility, but to give you the opportunity to download the album of silence tracks I have created from the following link:

    so you don’t need to do the work to create the tracks yourself. You have to download every single file manually, and when you have saved them in a directory you can add them for example to iTunes, and they should show up as an album named ‘Breaks 1 – 30 Min.’. From this album you select the silence tracks to create your own playlists.

    I am working with this scheme since january and found it very helpful. I also distributed the package among my german friends, and beneficial results have been reported to me. If you use the silence tracks as suggested you will find out that it works like riding a wave. The song is the wave and then in the silence phase you are trying to ride it.

    If you are not using the ‘Songs of the Dao’ please think about doing it because they are indeed helpful, and if you are using them please download the tracks/album and experiment with the duration of the break, because you need to find out after which time you need a new impulse. I started with 5 min. and then progressed to 15 min..

    There is also a signal track included, which enables you to set an acoustic marker, like in the example playlist. The silence tracks can be freely used and redistributed as is stated in the info tag of the files.

    Please try and report how it worked for you.

    Good practice



    How to download:

    If you click on the link you’ll be forwarded to the google docs page. There every single track is visible. If you move the cursor on a line with a track this line will be hilighted and on the far right end you’ll see a box with a downward arrow. If you click on that arrow a menu appears, which enables you to download that single file. Just download them all and when you have done this, add the files to your itunes (cmd key O).



    What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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