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    In Pi Chuan, you find the stretch. The emphasis is in the hand on edge of the palm. Done well the lung will stretch up and down.

    Tsuan Chuan stretch both the edge and its opposite side. Up and down are emphasized. Bend the bow is most easily learned in this fist as well as the general movement of blood through and around the viscera. Pi Chuan will add all of this material when it is embodied.

    Beng Chuan emphasizes the stretch in the Tiger mouth. The real issue is getting blood to flood this area. The palm is as soft as the back of the hand is hard. Bagua would use the Wind Palm to achieve a similar result but using a slightly more sophisticated mechanism. The opening and closing of the shoulder blade on the left and the right sides of the spine reflect the contrast in the palm. Beng uses everything that you learned in Pi Chuan and Tsuan Chuan while adding the left and the right.

    Pao Chuan emphasizes the heart. The arms and legs rest on the heart. The turning of the waist makes the front and back sides of the left and right discernible and obvious. You can close the right, back side while opening the right, front side while closing the left, front side while opening the left, back side. All the while continuing to use the up and down learned in Tsuan Chuan. Much, much closer to spiraling.

    Heng Chuan emphasizes the crosses of the body. It is the integrator. All of the other fists are present. The left leg and right arm coordinate. The right leg and left arm coordinate. You can open and close them from the spleen. Spiraling is deeper and more complete. Each element is distinct and one.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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