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    Hi, I’ve got a problem behind my right knee just above my calf to the inside. It’s a swelling that is only very minor in terms of preventing range of movement or pain but it is a sensitive spot and I’m concerned if it were to get worse. I’ve been practicing D&T for a year now and recently experienced a marked expansion of my connection (feeling) to all of my self generally and specifically my legs. The movements for me are now much more compleat, balanced, and controlled.

    As well the muscle tone of my legs has noticeably firmed and strengthened with the practice. I’m concerned that I’ve overtrained and that there is too much blood there or some type of chi burn there at that spot as the energy flow narrows to pass thru the knee.

    There are some other symptoms that may or may not be related also along that side of my body. That also occurred at the same time. A discoloration that comes and goes on the top of my foot just behind my second and third toes along with a slight numbness and slightly scaley skin. And a nagging root canal in my jaw also on that side. I like to think every thing is connected but honestly I don’t know.

    I really don’t want to interrupt my training and progress but will if I have too
    I’m well aware of the 70/30 rule and have already curtailed my other more phisyical training and stretching. I also do a daily standing mediation with lots of clearing down. Perhaps I should explore a sitting style?




    May I share my op[nion.
    1. 70% rules means don’t push yourself over the limit so that the body do not get tired or react negatively. We are not building muscle but we are trying the get our qi in the body to wake up and move. we are trying to get the energy in the body to resonate and move as a single unit. It is like getting a resonance in the sense that when we focus on certain part of the body and move in a favorable way the qi starts to response.
    To exercise more qigong (without over exerting) is good.The more qi the better. D.T. is a gentle health qigong which is difficult to be overly done. There are other qigong which may be badly designed that it create negative energy and so will lead to trouble whether we over do it or not.. That is why we need to known that what we practice is from a proper school and not something from no where.
    2. If our body is in bad shape doing the exercise will wake up the problem area. They appear quit suddenly as an achy part for no reason. Then we think it must be the qi moving and we trust it to be a healing process and observe that it gets better slowly instate of getting worst. It is usually a minor ache and you have to trust your judgement that it will get better. What happen is that qi is getting into the area and start the healing process and not because there is too much qi. For a start, our qi are mostly weak and increasing the qi activities can only be good. Only negative thinking and over muscle exertion causes bodily harm and the qi is then in bad condition. Like not enough qi or qi not moving.
    3. Every part of the body is connected where qi is concerned. The qi in the body resonance as one unit. The pain you feel that started out of nowhere or usually it can be felt immediately as you do certain movement is the result of the qi movement and is usually a healing process. To be more specify, the tooth, the kidney, the leg and foot are intimately connected as one unit so you can expect the pain or feeling in those area to be related. It seem that your exercise is having a good effect on the kidney system. Just continue and you should slowly feel better just make sure it is getting better..
    If you are doing all the Bruce’s qigong and is gentle on youself (no over muscle work out, it is unlike to be any over qi workout) there is not much chance that you over do your exercise. Most people complain that the simple easy movement don’t have any effect on the body at all, nothing happen.
    I hope it make sense to you.

    0 is good. The more qi the better. D.T. is a gentle and balanced health qigong which is unlikely to have any bad effect even when you do as much as you want to.



    Thanks Daniel,
    For you feed back. I’m pretty sure I have pushed myself into this and am now backing off. The result even after three days is a reduction of the swelling.
    It’s great to know that there are others who also into this. The online experience while having many advantages does have a drawback in that it is a bit isolated.



    Well I thought I would follow up, three months have passed. It turns out I suffered a Bakers Cyst also called a Popliteal Cyst. It is a condition where the Synovial fluid in the knee joint leeks around the back and accumulates there. I’ve been treating it with a compress consisting of a 4″ ace bandage wrapped around my knee and avoidance of really strenuous and extended activity, this seems to work, although slowly. My big question is would be about the body’s production of synovial fluid and internal exercise. Is there a way to moderate the pressure and is this even the right way to think about it?




    Hi Philip,
    Sorry to hear that you have Bakers Cyst. Now that there is a definite situation, I think it is easier to discuss about it. I have been doing exercises for about 2-3 years and so maybe I have some ideas that we can share.
    Generally the exercises we do are just to move and increases qi in the body. Qi is the subtle energy that moves and regulate everything in the body. In that sense improving the qi function in the body will create health or healing in the body at the most fundamental level. An expert can use and direct qi in specific ways for healing etc. but we are doing it in very general way and we practically wait for the body to heal itself, which it is always doing all the time.
    Qigong is done by gentle movement and the more gentle the more effective it is. This is because the main concern is not the muscle, it is about the mind connecting to the qi. It is more like mind exercise even when we are doing it subconsciously. The hand and leg movement is just a way to connect the mind that connect the qi. In practice most people do qigong as if it is a physical exercise and they tune in to the mood slowly when they do long enough and get more aware of the whole situation.
    Having present the exercise in this light, you can see that there shouldn’t be any problem to do these exercise effectively without causing any harm. You can do the movement as far as possible but stay short of causing any pain or discomfort. Short physical movement is as effective as long stretch, it is the intention, whether consciously or unconsciously that moves qi and promotes healing. Experiment with what you are doing and I believe you will feel the benefit.
    The energy arts have an exercise called outer dissolving which I think is very useful and interesting. It is just one action that can be learned in the book (energy gate qigong), the youtube, and in the Five Keys presented by Paul Cavel. You can do the exercise strictly as taught by energyarts or play around with it and use it to suit yourself,
    as I have done.
    I use it to start l my qigong exercise as general warm up. I started by standing tall, relaxed bone joint and muscle and bring qi down the body from head down to feet and down into the ground beneath. Play with the idea until you are literally doing it. Bring the qi to flush out any unease, soak it out; or to dissolve it. Bruce method is to will it from ice to water and finally to gas In this way the unhealthy physical condition becomes gas and passed into the atmosphere and away. I can also will the qi as if they are gas or water that soak into the unhealthy spot and restore the muscle etc,etc. To have a good picture or scientify knowledge of the process will make the healing more effective. Breath slow and deep as if you breathing qi into the spot in mind and breathing trouble out of it. Be positive and feel that it is healing or is healed. I think this is part of qigong and people have been
    doing something like it in one form or another in other area like faith healing, qi healing, or some special healer.
    I think there is no problem to apply the exercise to your case, it is just to understand what you are doing and don’t do anything that is uncomfortable on your leg . Qigong by right don’t cause pain or injuries.
    All the best



    Hi Phil,

    I’ve followed this thread a bit to see where your discussion went, which I think has been good. As I’m sure you know, I can’t via this forum give advice about particular injuries or difficulties a person is having.

    If after having backed off significantly, someone like you doesn’t find relief, then it’s time to consult with experts. I always encourage people to consult not only with qigong experts, but also other medical resources they have, including acupuncturists, doctors, osteopaths, physical therapists, etc. It’s good to get input from a variety of perspectives, and then you can figure out how to proceed. It sounds like that’s probably what you’ve doen.

    If you are still in need of guidance from a Dragon & Tiger perspective, you can reach me at

    Abundant and balanced chi and practice to you,




    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for engaging, it’s been seven months since the injury and it’s definitely better but not gone. As for its cause many things could have contributed, but suffice as to say it was overwork in some manor. Six weeks ago I had it drained. About 20 cc of a viscous amber fluid came out, the tech noted that there was a lot of debris in it as well. The protrusion of the cyst declined about 75%.

    The original event altered my workout regimen significantly pushing me towards sitting medatation, whereas I before I was more physically oriented. This has been great, as much personal progress happened.

    Although I cut back on the overt physical activity and training I continue to practice D&T and have to say it has kept me in excellent “shape” and in some ways has refined my physically more than the more active and stressful exercise I’ve always done.

    I find it interesting but not surprising that at this stage in my internal evolution would be motivated by a change in orientation.

    Thanks, Phil

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