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    Relatively quick question. In the first month Bruce said that our joints should feel smooth while / after you do the practice.
    If they feel (not sure what exact words he used) feel dry as if creating friction by rubbing each other you’re not doing it right.
    So when I practice Santi they don’t feel smooth and it’s exactly as it shouldn’t be. I feel very little qi flowing. I can’t say if I’m doing it wrong or if my body simply isn’t open enough or if my qi isn’t big enough yet.
    My question is, does this mean I should leave openings/closings for later after I build up more qi by holding Santi? Or am I simply doing something wrong with perhaps my intention or, something, I dunno, that’s kinda why I’m writing this :D

    My guess is I should hold Santi in fully open position to open the energy channels and grow my qi more before doing the openings and closings.

    I’d appreciate if the EA team or some senior student could point me in the right direction just so that I know what I’m suppose to be doing.

    Thank you



    As one without such standing, but one that has worked with this in particular for too-much of my spare time :) .. I put forth the below (which I hope will assemble into a picture from the below pieces, and not straightout and say-this or that… but may reveal if you integrate them, and look at you are doing, and what you may try out)..

    Do you get a feeling of that wavey-liquid-flow of opening-closing (do you practice pulsing, not only with your arms resting on your leg-
    perhaps- but also lifted and reach out, ala Frankenstein’s monster. (or WalkingDead zombie..) both when sitting, as well as standing…

    if you can get the same sort of relaxed pulse that is also connected along arm from-to-thru the torso… whether your arms are hanging from shoulders, or lifted up and fwd.. that will help.. then to hold in Santi position.. that has the potential to have locked-holding tension in abs-pelvis, spine, shoulders.. along arms. etc…. (if you don’t have this, in position, I’m likely off- as I am only guessing from your description.) -i hope above (and below) might help…? -cheers

    There are two replies I made to this thread- that I think relate:

    This post, I thought might relate here, per the upcoming retreats.. but I think some distinctions of different ways of Kai-He (resisted,,, which if done incorrectly like statically tensing- “holding open?” –perhaps could be what you meant, per ‘hold Santi in fully open position’.. is that what causes dry-tense-feeling?

    -or more of a heat from open-while ligs are pulling.. fighting against yourself? not sure from your description.. -good question I think , as best to avoid that sort of feeling (but a discovery-testing process).



    Thanks for the reply!

    Well, I don’t pulse with the whole body yet because we’re only in the second month of the openings and closings masterclass.
    So I was just trying to practice my wrist as per Bruce’s intermediate video.
    That’s when I get the dry feeling, causing my joints to grind.

    When I stand fully open I don’t get this feeling. When I simply hold the position correctly blood and qi flows smoothly.
    When I try to pulse the wrists the joints grind.

    Thanks for the link, I’ll check out your posts on the other thread shortly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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