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    I just signed up for the Energy Gates Qigong Training Group, and am really exited :)
    I plan to practice the Gates each day and make this the baseline of my training.
    Glad to be here.



    Hi Jan!
    Me too, I’ve been practicing Qigong for about 8 months and I’m really looking forward to making progress on this course.


    Hi all,
    I guess I could also introduce myself.

    If you’re not utterly bored and dislike rants, I guess this would be a good place to stop reading. ;)

    Well, I self-practiced Tai Chi and Qigong almost daily for a year over a year ago (I missed two days due to fever and another two for travelling all day, if I recall correctly).

    The daily exercise consisted of a simple qigong set (approx. 20 mins) and a 20 minute standing exercise, peppered with some excessively laid back mimicry of Chen style Tai Chi (I chose it because of its appealing spiral movement).

    I had no practice partner, and throughout the year my relatives and friends mostly made fun of me (as could be expected of them). :)

    My source material was video clips of a lineage master, books from authors of proper lineage and some Tai Chi classics to improve my understanding of what I should improve.

    Anyway, it ended after that year, because I understood that even if I train all my free time, without a (lineage) teacher, I would very likely do it wrong… and my probably too half-hearted (and wrong language) attempt at enrolling to a course with proper teaching was met with (the usual) silence.

    I haven’t yet fully recovered my motivation after that experience and my personality is not the best suited for martial arts, but I’m hoping to overcome the daily wall and to start practicing Bagua with all my free time and to adapt the contents of this group as an essential part of the basic training.

    Personally, I wouldn’t expect much from myself, since I’m a weak person (in mind and body), and I have a rather strict understanding of what is necessary to even claim being adequate at Bagua (what I’d do can’t even be called Bagua as long as I’m not a part of proper lineage), which makes the hurdle even more unappealing. :)

    Effectively, obtaining adequacy would mean training most of my free time alone for the next 12-20 years (and more likely the rest of my life)… (btw. introspection on wude might be a good daily practice).

    Anyway, I feel that if done properly, martial arts should be treated like every single moment of life is tied to the art, instead of thinking of switching it on just for a few hours a day.

    Well, if you want to know more of my personal opinions, feel free to ask, it’s (unfortunately) more than likely that I’ll answer without significant restraint. :)

    Regardless, I hope you other people are in a better position than me, and I wish you best in your endeavors. :)

    – Vili (from Finland)

    PS. To those who doubt Qigong, the year of standing exercise did (f.ex.) improve my leg strength and helped my knee problems after I had overworked them at Aikido years ago (I got them like that after just 4 months of practice (I also f.ex. commuted over 12 km on foot every weekday at that time))… so it was a good practice.


    Hello folks!
    I am still a relative beginner, have been practicing Dragon & Tiger daily for a good 6 months now and made some good gains in balance, strength, etc.
    Had my first training with a Energy Arts teacher, and can’t stress enough how helpful that is! I’m restarting over in some aspects (such as turning from the qwa) due to improper self-learning from the book and videos.

    And, I’m here to learn the Energy Gates to add to my daily practice, looking to continue on into the other arts as I am ready. Probably a couple years from now, at a minimum. :)



    Hi Jan, Guy and Vili,

    I also just signed in. My name is Dick and I am from the Netherlands.
    I have done a few years of Aikido and this Energy and Qigong thing is fairly new for me.
    Hope and expect to gain a lot of insight into my inner workings from this.


    Kiitos Vili. (I’m not Finnish)
    I like the way BK teaches the basics.
    I’ve practiced Taiji since 1993.
    And I’ve taken Bruce’s courses (not live) on:
    Dragon and Tiger,
    Bagua Mastery Course and
    Tai Chi Mastery Course.
    I’ve also taken many intensive workshop from high level teachers.
    Don’t worry about reaching any level of mastery.
    Just practice sincerely.
    One day you’ll find your home.
    Bob, Post Falls, Idaho, USA


    I have done a year of standing Wu Chi up to 30 minutes, plus 15-20 minutes of Cloud Hands, Marriage, and several of the Dragon and Tiger postures, about 5 times a week. The work had an immediate and powerful effect; I am 62, and feel better than I did at 40.



    I recently received the lessons hoping that the practice could help me with a progressive muscular weakness . Only 4 days ago it was diagnosed as an early stage of lateral sclerosis. I want to know if there is some counterindication for practicing or any recommendations about this. Thank you.


    Welcome Rafael.
    Probably none.

    Anecdotal evidence only:
    one of my teachers has sclerosis
    age 55
    master at push hands
    Chen style expert
    just completed a one month intensive teaching tour in a camper van through the Pacific Northwest/USA/Canada
    Her chiropractor thinks that if she didn’t do taiji she’d be incapacitated

    Yoga could also help
    particularly the side plank position

    Good luck

    Post Falls, Idaho


    Of course, please heed all the cautions that Bruce explains: the 70% rule, moderation, check with your professionals,etc.
    I am a lay person only.
    This reminded me of the recent discovery, in a London parking lot, of King Richard’s III skeleton.
    He had had severe scoliosis.
    A TV documentary found a living man in London with a very similar spine. They trained him, clad him in medieval armor, saddled him on a stead, gave him a big sword and had him engage in mock combat.
    He was able to duplicate Richard’s battle exploits.
    Of course, no two people are the same.
    Don’t carry the analogy too far.
    A difference may be your muscular problem.
    Still I’d give Tai Chi a sincere trial.

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