Just an idea I’ve had in the past of the Three Challenges (learning “neigung” or any subtle-skill devel)

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    Just thought I’d drop a post about something I’ve thought on, and presented some, for a long time, that makes this sort of learning tricky- these Challenges, I refer to as (each alone, but all add together):

    1) a new area, lack of sensitivity, both from lack of nerves in an area and/or the skill-knowledge of how to differentiate (or just what the signal is that one is referring to: ie one may actually be feeling x, but then later “Oh, that’s what was being referred to…” – confusion of, I didn’t expect it to be like that. -yet if it was as we expected… it wouldn’t “really” be _new_.

    2) tightness in an area (whether physically, or even other other types of skill-coordination, either not being able to move, or not have the control to be able to move in a certain way.. related to above #1, but more just a stuck feeling, or what little movement is possible is so constricted/limited that it is too small for us to notice.)..
    once we have “warmed up” (in a session, but even more so- over time) to make a bigger motion, ah now it is clear.. (by then we have likely gotten an idea what the gist is. back when we could hardly move was when we weren’t really sure either… both combine to make it quite difficult to be sure, am I doing it? some-times maybe, repeat, no, again, different.. the consistency to practice and learn is not really there, when we can’t reliably do…

    3) Having all the related parts connected, and contributing to, or at least not counter-acting. And all part-moving together, which makes it not only a more distinct flow and movement, but also less of a clang-bang, sort of there, but not.. imagine all parts of your body swinging and shifting as you step, like parts of a “mobile” or different pendulums all swinging separately, vs all moving in coordination (even the parts, not “related” or involved).

    I usually think-refer to this in regards to Pulsing (joints, and else), as well as twist/turning (and movement of lengthening-wave).. but the fascia most directly.. (by the time it is clear what the heck this is, ah, I can feel and know what the fascia movement is… by then, one will have loosened it up some.. even if you could download the “knowing” of how to “know” if you are moving it.. at first it won’t move as much.. etc…. The more adjustments and integrations that grow- nurtured- the more this may reveal.

    -I hope this might benefit some who read this. luck all
    (reexperiencing this knowledge from Bruce, let alone the different presentation, gives me to oppor to “back to the drawing board” (cup and tea and all that :) The challenge (another one) being to see what new layers have been presented- offered- and what they might devel).

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