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    I had a previous lower back problem, so I was cautious about doing any excercise in my life. I’ve joined the Tai Chi mastery program almost 12 weekds ago, and since then I’ve been practicing atleast 30 min a day. And I also started Dragon & tiger Qigong online program with Paul Ryan almost 5 weeks ago. I always made sure that, I stay in a range of 70% rule. Even when I’m applying the 70% rule, recently my back flares up. I don’t know whether this is because of the repetitive movement of bending forward (Qua folding) in movement 3 in D&T Qigong, because my pain started flaring up only last couple of weeks, which is around that time I’ve started the particular movement. Is this, because I’m doing something wrong with my qua folding in qigong OR pelvic tuck in a movement right before the single whip in tai chi (I’ve learned only up to single whip) OR somethng else, any help will really apprecaited. Earlier when I ahd issues with my shoulder, both Richard and Cameron suggested a lot of tips, which helped me a lot. I hope the same kind of help I will be getting from this issue.

    My problem:

    My lower back problem started in 1997 (L4/L5 prolapse) resulted from cumulative issues of intensive Karate training, long time sitting in front of computer and a car accident in 1997. Since then i’ve stopped all kinda sports/excersicses in my life and took care of my back w/o worsening this long by maintaining the diet, because if i gain wait I could immediately feel with lower back pain, this might be because I loose the strength of core muscle. When ever i have this issue, I usually control the diet again and walk and get in shape again. So I maintained for all these years. But now this pain is bothering me for almost 2 weeks, I jsut wanna make sure that I’m not making any mistake.
    Thank you in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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