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    Thank you for the great course!
    When I place my feet exact parallel my knees doesn´t remain exactly above my feets.
    I have to push them a little bit outwards to gain the described posture.
    Then I have a feeling of shortened, tensed muscle, fascia (I don´t know exactly) on the outside of my legs (more in the right leg than in my left leg) when I´m in the posture.
    Is that little pushing outwards action advisable? I don´t force the body.
    Best regards from Berlin


    David, What you’re experiencing is very common. Due to life
    experience, the alignments in your leg are out/off a little bit. It is normal
    to require some effort to realign the hip, knee and foot, and of course this
    realignment will engage the bound muscles, fascia and ligaments of the legs. So
    long as you don’t force your body into alignment, and slowly over a period of
    time you encourage your body into the ideal alignment, you won’t cause yourself
    any problems. Through this process, you will release accumulated tension in the
    legs (which is creating the misalignment) and lengthen those affected soft tissues.
    With regular practice over some months, your legs will realign and you will be
    able to maintain your alignments without effort. This is the typically process of
    learning and embodying any nei gong. You put in a little effort, encourage the
    body into proper alignment and/or accuracy of motion, and then your standing
    and moving practices rid the body of accumulated tension through ongoing
    training. Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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