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    The Mastery Program has been reintroduced. Does it go over much of the material of the Training Circle or is it stand alone different? If only one program can be followed, which would be the best, Training Circle or Mastery Program?



    To my understanding, as the Mastery Program was (previously released on DVDs) covering the Wu short taichi form, while the Training Circle covered the Old Yang taichi form… both emphasize the internal-fundamentals (and have some comparison within them, to the other forms of Taichi).



    -just after posting a reply to this, I had another thought (I’m also not certain if this is correct), the TaiChi Mastey program (I believe) covers the Wu “short” form, while the Training Circle (circle 4) covers the Old Yang “medium” form..

    (although both can be referred to as the long-form, meant in a different way, of single movements, 2 person-drills, weapon forms, or the “empty-hand long-form”.. ie long-sequence of movements.. thus a short-form/ver of the long-‘form’, vs the long-form/ver of the long-‘form’) -is that correct usage Earts?
    I think the WuShort form covers less movements, but a more indepth of each, and thus the components that all share (and a short form is largely removing the repetitions and some variations.. thus more on the building-blocks so to speak.. would need to understand how to unfold further but), while the OldYang covers a full form, and may have more videos, but less in depth? (also the later includes coverage of the Yang ChengFu’s 10 essential pts, as one summary of key internal-component concepts).
    -so which is “better”? would be hard to say, I’m interested to see how Earts presents the training material (I haven’t seen the promo yet, whether there is framing of the content-perhaps comparison)

    [Depends upon purpose- and if one is already a TaiChi person, then seeing from a different view, than someone that is considering learning initially … what is your background in Neigung sets? interest lvl.. etc.] -I hope this helps a little



    Thanks for your reply. I have been online with the Training Circle since 3/2014. I had understood it to be about the Wu form. I was wrong. It did incorporate some Wu and later transitioned into Yang form but neither a complete form. I have been doing Tai chi/Qigong for 7 years and have studied Wu Short form for 3 years with students of Bruce. We do get into the Neigong..



    Hello there, just to followup as your reply made me wonder something…

    I mention below about the 4 training circle sessions.. it seems you were and still are in the circle (per my understanding of your reply, so I regret it this is obvious.. but I guess that perhaps you were in the first, and perhaps second also?, but not the third? (as you say, not a complete form.. yet in 3rd it is.. a parallel to the Wu-mastery.. (compares Yang vs Wu, larger/smaller movements.. steps through it adding more content,etc.. again if you were a member of the 3circle session you already know this.. (I don’t know if I’m confusing things, or being of help, so I regret if I’m misunderstanding.. anyway, I hope this response helped somehow..

    I could see why TaiChi mastery is titled that, as Wu is yang, and made explicit in its material how to interpret any Yang variation.. interesting how long it takes to instruct how to do such a short form..
    -the TaiChi Mastery was actually footage from the Instructor training– so it is most of the lessons, thus content, that cert-instructors learned.. (and yet is a “big mouthful to swallow” so to speak)..

    * anyway, below see regarding Training Circle 3, if that is any interest, and if you didn’t already watch that one.. (as your comment seemed to imply perhaps you didn’t). FYI– best of luck
    (I’ve actually been online re-watching videos from that course today thus on break see comment, now online videos, vs DVDs, so a good reason to review.. -as I got both, even though I didn’t think I was a TaiChi person, but I do inhale-study this stuff, so adds to my practice.

    This being the kind of question, is it worth it? -if one is an instructor, or deep-dive student may be different answer, than someone looking to learn just some info (the later would be more demanding of whether or not.)

    The training circle 1 (the first so many) had some TaiChi lessons, but not a complete form..

    -Training Circle session 2 (the following copied from site “Originally released from November 2014 – April 2015 the Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong Edition of the Training Circle”, has some lessons on Wu, but not complete form)..

    and then Training Circle session 3 (copied from site -longer “Originally released from May 2015 – November 2016 each month there are three primary segments in this edition – tai chi, qigong and meditation. The tai chi section will show Yang style 36 moves and each month we will go deep into how to do the physical movements, alignments, and application components.”)
    ** which “is” a complete form (Old Yang medium, or shortform, but a longer-form than the wu short)..

    (and then now current session 4- standing and meditation)



    Thanks, I will review all Training Circle when I get back from vacation.



    Does anyone know if the Taiji Mastery Course videos are downloadable, as with the standing qigong course? The Taiji course description page is a bit unclear about this…



    Hello Emlyn.

    The entire Tai Chi Mastery Program is download and savable.  We hope this is helpful.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Warm Regards, 

    Energy Arts Team

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