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    PS previous question per feeling in the brain / awake brain surgery submitted by Woody Woodbridge, not Julie Woodbridge


    :) different names of voices (“hearing voices in my head” -which to answer..)
    The better way, is experience, and first to feel different areas on the surface of the skin (not all on the “surface” is as sensitive).. and then deeper.. can actually feel the layers in the “tissue’ .. different qualities (and the Saran-Wrap/ClingFilm plastic-sheet type layers ~myofascia, and the fluid-vessels within the muscle).. just as when in a hot-tub, or had a massage, or just “woken-it-up from movement with awareness, you can feel more, it becomes ‘alive’

    (after yrs of doing this, the way you think that “will-be” is a pale version of what it can become.. the new normal can become far more living and differentiated..) in actual vivid feeling, not need to wonder..

    just like if put a foot in ice-water bucket, you feel that- it becomes that obvious.. not that obvious, now?
    then need develop via Gung-Fu (practice over-time.. ie the practice methods).. whether the nerves develop in coordination, or in sensitivity (just as a “nose” develops their sense of smell, and taste, through exposure/description sessions.. regular “soaking” and percolating, digests and develops just like a sprouting seed.)

    so in short, to continue from above, start with feeling the skin surface, and then a bit deeper.. and then into the jts (and the other “pockets”).. these can be felt into (as a part of you- like feeling the shape and inside of a closed fist- that space between and inside the fingers/palm; but also feel inside that, as that “shape” of the inside is you (thus if feel movement of blood (or other fluids via vessels) beneath the skin.. or inside the joint, feel that shape..

    [if you can put your mind there, can feel there, and can ‘move’ it.. just as a hand that has gone “asleep” can’t move.. but then it “wakes up” .. after the pins&needles ouch.. then you can feel it, and move your fingers.. ( inside the joint the same way.. ) -after that.. in the areas near organs, start with the solar-plexus.. ]

    and then spinal-column, the space around the disks.. which leads to the neck- can you feel the eyes? behind the eyes?) ever have an ear-ache? deep, deep inside. the area right next to “behind eyes” “deep in ear” and behind-near nasal-sinuses.. that’s deep in there.. feel there?
    If you haven’t felt deep inside the head- just under the crown of head, in the back-base-rear of head.. then you haven’t grown-up with headaches/migranes.. TMJ, inner-ear, [ or occiput (atlas-axis) disalinment ] .. which is good for you, to those that haven’t I wouldn’t wish that upon any. -if you have felt that, hearing someone say, hey I don’t think you can feel there.. I haven’t tried, and these practices require steady practice over time.. not put in time, so I haven’t that skill already.. (its like telling a Cirque de Soliel acrobat… I don’t believe someone can walk a tightrope and balance on one hand… true- most can’t.. but if they tell you how they did… what then?)

    Just felt a drive to try and seed something (pay it back to those seeking for what I’ve been given in my past when I was seeking) as these practices have transformed what I experience, becoming more alive.. [the real essence of the Transformational Energies-process] cheers and luck

    To the person posting this question; what might you have discovered so far in your practices? what ‘has worked’ so far? -whether just started, or been in other areas/aspects, what have you found? and what are you seeking to develop from practice going fwd? (or just as an intellectual question from exposure to this subject without practice, as that is valid to.. its not a “should” more a matter if these practices “grab you” and pull-you in (“Each time I get out… they pull me- back- in.” -Godfather, as quoted in Sopranos)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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