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    I have these periods of great fatigue, being spaced out, and just plain sleepy all the time. It’s not laziness, there is stuff I want to do and I’m interested in doing but I just can’t find the energy to get up. I can’t even think much at all. I can’t tell if it’s has to do with seasons or weather or something completely different, but changes in the barometer pressure (the atmosphere/air pressure) seem to have this kind of negative impact on me for sure.
    I’ve been doing some reading into the 5 Elements trying to figure this problem out and it seems fatigue is associated with the spleen.
    Now, I know Bruce teaches 5 Elements Qigong but it’s not available for purchase. And as for my Xingyi I don’t know how to do the Fire and Earth fists yet.
    So I figured how about using openings and closings to massage and balance the spleen? Bruce taught openings and closings of specific body parts in month 1 of the Meditation segment of this masterclass.

    I used it today and I must it did wake up me quite a bit and it felt very nice. Need to play around with it some more to know if this is a reliable long term solution.

    Any word of advice on using this DIY Openings and Closings Style 5 Elements Qigong?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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