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    Thanks to Bill Ryan for his reply to my last question. about doing more than 20 reps. if I wanted to keep on practicing but how do I do more. if I wanted to do say do another round of 20 reps. but would that be doing 40 reps, instead of it being a set of 20 done twice. So how you do it. The only way of doing it, i think at the moment, is to do the closing and calm down my chi and bring into the Tan Tien, then start all over again, with doing the stirring. then going through all the movements again. Any help with this question will be appreciated.




    You’re on the right track about doing consecutive sets of 20. Finish one set of 20 of each, then settle into your lower tan tian and then start again. You don’t need to settle in and store like we do at the end of a practice session, but settling in between each set enouch to feel very stable and clear and then starting again would work great.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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