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    I’ve a friend, she’s a searcher in biological researches, she has been overdoing for fews years(4years). Workaholic, sleeping only like 4 hours per night…working all the time…
    Now her brain says ‘STOP’ and she’s with no energy left, almost no attention is possible…
    As i’m practicing D&T i thought to tell her about that practice that seems to me (in its alternates versions ) possible to do for her with no harms…and i hope helps her to slowly recover…
    The situation for her actually is no energy, hard to walk long, she feels really quickly sleepy, and she sleeps a lot… Difficult for her to maintain attention no reading is possible, so the body intelligence seems to say ‘now you will just do nothing ! ‘
    Do you think it’s appropriate for her to do D&T, and if so what should she practice ?





    Hello Arnaud,

    Yes D&T tiger is a very gentle useful form for people to practice when suffering from exhaustion. For best results always follow the 70% rule and try the modified form in the Dragon and Tiger DVD Set

    – The Energy Arts Team



    I want to add that Dragon & Tiger was very helpful for me after burn-out. I had a very high-pressure sales management job, and my doctor finally told me I had to quit that job.

    After quitting I continued to practice Energy Gates regularly, but it wasn’t until I started doing two or more sets of Dragon and Tiger per day that I started to recover from burn-out. I know that “no energy to do anything” feeling. Dragon and Tiger brought back my ability to do things, to get things done. Negative emotions passed quickly and I became more energetic.

    It seemed confusing that “more advanced” practices weren’t producing the results of the “beginner set” but it’s been hard to argue with such clear, direct, and wonderful results.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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