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    Hi All ,
    Glad to be here hope get started soon !
    I do have martial arts experience , and prefer
    personal training but there are no teachers close
    to me for this save to do privates ! So I wonder
    if anyone has had success following the DVDs
    And then find teacher to correct and guide them
    along the way ? I do know BKF is giveing us
    one seminar and that good but feel personally
    I need little more !
    Thanks All



    Hi Erich,

    I look and use Mr. Frantzis’ books/videos as Graduate-level material which is more easily accessible after one has been through the basics.

    I find it easier to learn the advanced and intricate levels of the art once an outline/framework is established. For a basic Hsing-I introduction, I would recommend the following video:

    After that, the high-level, in-depth Energy Arts instruction becomes more understandable and valuable since now you have developed a context for the art.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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