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    Hi everyone, I’m on week 2 of practice. I just started reading ‘Doaist Nei Gong: The Philosophical Art of Change’ in it the author suggest that one needs transform Jing into Qi and transform Qi into Shen for spiritual advancement. Is that accurate, and how does that work? I’m not interested in Qi Gong or Tai Chi for wellness or martial strength/protection. Does anyone know why that would be said, and if that is the case, how it works?




    Hello there are different views out-there, many authors re-write the same things.. so might need to differentiate… (Bruce’s two bks: Relaxing into your Being, and The Great Stillness, I return to, having read-studied-worked with a bunch out there).

    If you are referring to the book by Damo Mitchell, in it he gives his viewpt, so if you are asking how he interps.. it is there. (I’d say that is one that is good, but I don’t find as the most useful view.. vs many others out there that might sound good, but then you wonder, what can you do with it?)

    -that being the key, does it seem to be something that makes sense to you what you can do? or just concepts that seem unconnected with practice.. and second- does that ring-mesh with your path-feeling (not that you are right, nor wrong, but more that illumes if subcon connects up, “alignment” again.
    Beyond your question about a book, and I mention two more :) (not just to run on a further search), have you gone through the info on this website?

    ie the “Meditation” tab (which describe the water-meditation, vs fire, and surface-layer change, vs deeper “spiritual development”.. )
    -there are tabs within that tab- thus the Meditation: advanced practices… read of the 8 Energy Bodies, and of the dissolving process

    (all that I think answers, the real question behind yours above, what is the changing via the ThreeTreasures..)

    PS [also, whatever sense these terms make, you will likely revise and deepen, if you continue (for ex when reading above tab “Meditation” some of what seems the simpler parts of the description imply/mean more than might seem, per current-pop-culture, so skip over them..
    … ie how “wellness” is defined, by different contexts…

    PPS “jing” is sometimes confused with “jin” (as in nei-jing… internal-power-steel, which is in Fa-Jin, a quality developed, but that is a derivative of) (and the “literal definitions” may just be the start- think of all the English-Language phrases used that definition of each word mean something different than the phrase: “Do you get it? What’s up?” [which exs have been used in movies as ironic-jokes, but point to something]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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