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    Hello Energy Arts

    Firstly, thank you so much for such clear video instructions!

    A few questions:

    1. What is the intention before starting the movements of Dragon & Tiger Qigong?

    2. Is there an ideal way to breathe whilst doing the movements?

    3. What should you be focusing on whilst doing the movements?

    I hope you can answer these questions for more clarity.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards




    Hello Zach,

    Nice set of questions. :-)

    I noticed your question hasn’t been answered yet. It may be an idea to ask them in the Qigong (Chi Gung) section of the forum. More people tend to hang out there.

    All the best,




    Hi Zach,

    I work with Bill Ryan at his school, Toward Harmony Tai Chi & Qigong. I ran your questions by him, and I’ll relay here what he said.
    Before starting your intention should be to become as quiet, stable, and centered as possible.

    There are breathing patterns for each of the movements of the set. However, in the beginning it is better to not to try to coordinate your breathing with the movements, and just to allow it to be soft, relaxed, and continuous. After practicing this way for awhile, if you want to learn the breathing patterns, you can refer to Bruce Frantzis’ books on Dragon & Tiger Medical qigong.

    There many things you might choose to focus on while doing the movements, and over time, your capacity to be aware of them simultaneously will increase. At first, however, it is best to pick one thing be your main focus in each set, or practice session. For instance, you may choose to focus on a particular part of your body as it flows throughout the movements. You may focus on the sensations in your hands, or one hand, as it traces the pathways. or you may focus on the sensations you feel along the pathways as you trace them. You could focus on your feet, and letting them feel relaxed, how your weight is distributed through them as you move.

    I wish you all the best in your practice,

    Dan Winter



    Hi Zach

    inhale when raising the qi
    exhale when sinking the qi

    but generally when beginning do as Dan suggests and just breathe naturally and relaxed as the movements need to be relaxed so should the breathing be.

    I think I read or heard Bill say or both that in tai chi or qigong you should never hold your breath.

    I am just learning D&T myself now in week 7, I don’t think there is a should focus on doing the movements like Dan suggests it changes.

    I have found sometimes I am focused on sinking qi through my heels, sometimes focused on raising the qi. Sometimes I am more aware of leg movements, other times hand movement and positions, sometimes just focussing in on where I can feel the chi when doing the movements of D&T.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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