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    Hi. I am really enjoying the course and Bill’s teaching. I am 69 years old with very dodgy knees. Yesterday I did the whole movement 1. But I repeated it three times for about 4 minutes each. Later my knee was acting up. I am hoping to e able to travel in 4 days. I don’t want to desert my practice and I wonder if there is any advice. Thank you.



    Patricia, I know this is too late to help you, but perhaps others will have similar questions.

    If you have “really dodgy knees”, then you’ll need to feel your way into the Movements very carefully, following what we call the 40 percent priinciple. You have to be really careful not to do too much, too fast, as it sounds like perhaps Patricia did.

    With such knees – or other vulnerable body places – you need to organize what you do with all other parts of your body to help and support them. They are your “weak link” in the chain of your body, so you need to make sure you do not strain your weak links in any way, right from the beginning.

    So you learn whatever you are learning, and as you do so, you always check to make sure what you are doing is making your weak spot feel better – or at least not worse. Only move 40 percent as much as you think you can and 40 percent of the range of movement that introduces any strain. And don’t move any other part of your body in such a way that it strains your weak spot; keep those at 40 percent as well.

    Plus there is 40 percent in the moment and 40 percent for how you’ll feel an hour later and 40 percent for how you’ll feel the next day. If you feel fine in the moment, but strain shows up the next hour or the next day, then you’ll know you need to back off the next time you practice. If there are signs of a lot of strain later on, and then cut way back what you initially practiced. If there is just a little strain later, then cut back less.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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