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    re: in training circle 3 (Old Yang style taichichuan) - (Qigong_15_07)

    Something that I wonder if others know about, and-or have wondered about; and perhaps to what degree it will be in the upcoming video-training circle (as it seems a big thing but only hinted at previously?)

    The idea of accessing deeper lvls of Kai-He (opening-closing), via breath, then through fluids, then through “pulsing” (?) the CNS.. was mentioned (in the above listed video-section). I wonder if more might be said explicitly about what “pulsing” the CNS means, in terms of Opening-Closing (as previously feeling the nerves to let-go, ease the rev, but it doesn’t seem it was mentioned how-to change the nerves to synchro, and even drive, the Kai-He).

    (This seems to reference the nerve-buzz, or smoothness, in general and through-out the system, but also the Nervous-system as a whole?) -and whether the use of CNS is a catch-all phrase, or meaning the CNS as opposed to the PNS (the later being the nerves which are throughout the body, sensing and moving, while the former is more central- the spine and brain… how to distinguish those two and power the pulsing via that central, system of nerves..)

    Perhaps a a sense of increase/ decrease of the signal strength to correspond to grow/ shrink.. or a sense of CNS being in a radiating-fullness vs the CNS being in an absorbing-receiving mode… but the signal-strength of the nerves remaining the same, only the quality of changing… (I’m guessing the later, being altering, even flipping, the quality of the CNS, to correspond to how the Egates alter/flip the qual between Kai-He alternating.)

    [ From the summary on the referenced video: “Breathing as a doorway to deeper levels- Moving the fluids of the body- Central nervous system” ]

    The general let-go, that ‘passively’ results in relax-lengthening (thus the jts can ‘opening up’). in the same way let-go of nerves ‘passively’ let-go… and extend- and then both connect-up parts (and it seems then the opening-closing happens within that, as first allowing the jt to open and get larger, vs allowing the jt to open and get smaller per how it falls via gravity, as mentioned in the beginners section of the Taichi video in training circle 2 (the Gods Qigong Edition) ~Nov 2014 ‘relaxing in taichi- the inner meanings’ []

    -Will the compare-contrast of allowing a release, which then is allowed to open-close.. contrasted with the previously presented “make it open-close” (as mentioned in this last video)?… and perhaps tie into this, how utilizing the nerves (rev in a certain part of the body, vs the nervous-‘system’ overall)…? (which CNS may or may not be part of working with the mind- ie mental-body #4… which seems can open-close itself, but to have it drive the physical body and qi.. etc.)

    -I don’t know to what degree the Training Circle #5 is already filmed, but it seems the above has been implied in Bruce’s teachings for a while, but I recognize that it didn’t click for me in the past until it was contrasted by him in the above training-circle videos (so I’ve been played-seeking-experimenting with it.. but reinventing the wheel, or not, as the case may be)… it seems that having the NervousSystem, relate to the fluids, relate to the jts, and (as a separate issue) the Egates-qual, may segue into how aspects of the different Ebodies affect-drive (and are affected by-are driven by) other Ebodies… into a whole flow, continuum.

    Is there any others out there that have experience with parts of this, and-or also have wondered about these issues (or see the value in them now, to ask for these issues to be covered?) -I may just have missed out on where they were previously presented.

    [thx for your consideration and time.]

    -The outline of the upcoming Traning circle doesn’t mention the nerves, directly, as tied to opening-closing.. (so wondering how it was hinted in the first top-referenced video.. and in some places in the Bagua Mastery program it seemed to be hinted about the nervous system, not just as something to smooth to get beyond, but separately to utilize that nervous-system in supporting the changing and movement-Eflow.

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