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    Hello everyone,

    I’ve been trying to dissolving energy blockages in my body for about a month now and have made some progress. However, I am unable to relax my eyes and its halting my progress in other parts of my body.

    When I meditate I close my eyes but I can’t seem to close them without them becoming tense in some way; almost like my eyelids are to short to cover my eyes without straining effort. When I do relax my eyes it feels like my eyelids just barely part.

    Does anyone have some suggestions that can help relax my eyes.

    Thank you,




    About a month is a little-while but not long to counter-act the habits developed over your life-previous…
    (working-hypothesis: that what you do, and ‘how’ you do it is a result of how you trained/practiced it.. including the tension-s… thus to look, even to rest and not-use your eyes, without tension:
    not only requires to let-go of tension in that habit.. but to develop a fully new way of doing that doesn’t use tension, as if you try and use the old-habit that will trigger tension, so a new-habit needs to be built.)
    specifically what might help- feel your jaw muscles and jaw-hnge area -by moving your jaw a ltiny-bit, (thus feel inside, not outisde with your finger etc…) when slowly inhale in your nose, relax and feel deep back (literally) in the nasal-sinuses.. those areas, feel nearby(doing the other let-go, and allow sink (not try and “Make” sink, nor make dissolve).. may assist feeling the area behind and next to your eyes..

    -become aware and alive in the rear-part of head, ex the area where top of spine meets bottom-back of skull. Just some hints.. (and realize its not a fixit, nor a do this work=change, its changing who/how you are- thus all the way you’ve learned to be changes (including your idea about how to make changes- thus the person and director of these practice sessions will itself change by these changes… which adjusts etc.)

    Just some views that might help (one should/will see changes ongoing- each session and weekly-monthly.. but plan to do over years ( ) ie the long-term.. is this practice sustainable ongoing, or is this a short-term project..
    just different views.. which changes how you approach

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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