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    As I focus on allowing the chi to rise in the standing postures, I’ve noticed that if I contract my kegel area muscles, the chi rises more powerfully and quickly. But when I do this, I am not as relaxed, and it seems harder to at the same time sink my chi. Is it a good idea to contract those kegel muscles?



    If it makes sinking chi harder and you’re less relaxed, it doesn’t sound like a good idea, right?



    Hello there- Neat you are experiencing something (and assumably adjusting to how it feels 70% and “natural” vs awkward or uncomfortable/ ~unnatural.. which isn’t so simple, as so many implied ways to “do” are unnatural feeling, even to us, when we stop and re-exam)
    .. Anyway- just to chime in, I find that many systems might look at manipulating part of the body (in particular the lower pelvic musculature- M. Chia, and other associated, like M Winn, might teach this– and other writers have referenced this out-of-context without referencing.. I’ve even seen it called a power-technique.. like Cayenne, just add it to whatever to “heat it up”).. different methods..

    but I find that just adds more sensation to the experience, so seems more is happening, but the deeper flow is actually lessened. (just my view, others may vary)

    But most of all- to specifically respond, you ask (I’ve seen this type of question arise, and shows a blind-spot in our language- culture).. “As I focus on Allowing… I’ve noticed that if I “
    question- might this actually be trying to “make it rise”? which isn’t the same as allowing it.. (may be ok to try and “make it” but that shouldn’t be confused, nor called/termed/named, allowing).

    a way to make it rise can be to pull it up.. (or even push it up, but that is tricky, and “from” much lower.. so to pull, vs open/let-go resistance of what was blocking a flow (if you remove a block, and allow the flow, and nothing happens? perhaps something else is blocking, or the flow is not there… sort of like put your hand out the window or door, and allow the rain to wet your hand.. but if your hand doesn’t get wet? -rain not on it, even though you have it “out there” (not blocked by house, etc). — just a metaphor.
    another metaphor- take an object (not a helium balloon :) and release it- how it react? does it move? which way? – now if that is a basketball (or other bouncey- like a “superball” :), and you are on a hard flat ground.. if drop- does it fall, falling does it hit the ground, then rebound, and then bounce-fly back up.. — do you need catch the ball and pull it up?

    (but actually the rising current is more like a hairdryer, or other blower at your feet, pointing up- turned off, or airflow blocked…. let that air blow up… if the hairdryer is working, not broken and electric (or gas powered ~blower) do you need to do something with your body to have it continue blowing?

    but- does the body react to that flow? -when flow occurs (down, up, lateral, -inorout..) does the body sort of flinch (either contracting, or tremoring, or etc (either from the weird feeling- heebies, or from residual tension triggered, or it seeming to react as if it was like “doing something else”…
    etc- I hope this adds- (espec the do to make it, vs allowing).. its all part of the steps Bruce is walking through though. Whether he instructs to do (or not), or it is an open addition (but it would be an addition, extra?)




    One other- additional- thought– one affect of moving/”tensing” part of the body is bringing awareness to it (like the “tapping” pat-butterfly wings, to “wake-up” the nerves, and bring attn to an area.. espec to link up areas- mult-at-once)
    Tensing the PC area not only brings awareness to that area (which may mechanically trigger sensation, to that area, but actual awareness of may be trickier), but also changes the pelvic-connection of the femurs.. thus slightly (via the hip-jts) moves the legs.. so changes the pressure in both feet… (so seems to do something to awaken sensation in both feet, up legs, and hip-pelvis.. versus on in part, skipping on-off)–

    this isn’t the technique of: A) feel the soles of your feet (how does pressure change in any part ~ balance, as well as movement of foot-bones), and B) feel your “lower-dan-tien” (feel those 2 ~3 places- while aligning with gravity.. and flows can begin).

    so movement can trigger awareness, but this isn’t quite the same as being able to just tune-in feel (and know it “like the back of your hand” ~feel how many pts/bones/areas in your hand– as a whole? wakes it up….)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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