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    I heard Bruce Frantiz say that originally all the taoist monks practiced was the single palm change. I was wondering what you would recommend if I wanted to practice in the old ways with just the single palm change. I have found circle walking improves my health greatly and increase my chi manifold. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.


    I have continued to find Bagua Walking to the be coolest flow-movement, as well as the most intense-energetic developer, of anything.. but first: most out there really ‘dumbs-down/simplifies’… all the blog-articles, most books, and even videos show something that looks like “walking in a circle” (as if that was all to it).. so if you are open to the possibility that that isn’t the whole-thing nor the main point, and–
    second: I’d recommend Bruce’s “Circling Hands” (there is a video-online course, but if you search through the YouTube energyartsvideos.. some even on this website in blog.. there are examples of it.. along with NeiGung Components, oft from TaiChi and such… )
    — Circling Hands is shifting from one-foot and then back again (its not ‘too’ different to alter that to a step, ie shift form one foot to the other (in front) and then pull up the back foot, then step out… so just need to learn the shifting from foot-to-foot (A), and then separately swing, like a penduluum, on one foot- ie foot is behind swing to the front, then swing back behind, etc.. (B).. (A) & (B) being both thereby linked to that … then layer onto that…

    Of course the trick of doing “Meditation” walking in a circle, which is harder than walking in a straight-line (the curves balancing distracts focus, and standing-still is easier than walking a straight-line, and Sitting (zazen, Dhyan) is easier (to focus, and delve in the “materium of the Mind”) than standing-up-still… so would be good to work upon the Taosit monk practices in sitting (so doing less-else, so go from “do what?” to try-it, then ok-got-that).. and develop as slowly-steadily move..
    (often walking is just step-step.. and can appear that it is done in the same state of mind that one does grocery-shopping, or just mind-less-ly walks down a hallway… done that way the Bagua movements can still be good for martial foundation, as well as energetic/health (from how it affects the system, just cuz of the movement).. but for what I think makes Bagua Zhang Neigung really special it requires starting and acting from a “different-feeling-state and different layer of thinking”..
    This is the context from which I’d view adding the palm changing.. (how does the twisting rotation (of one kwa- supporting one single-vertical axis of the body, and pressure on the bottoms of the feet, how does that (and int’l components, twist/lengthen/bend, etc) result in a movement of the arms— and not actually feel like you’re bending your elbow or moving your wrist.. but that the base, leg, torso changes and the arms follow-along, and then sweep through the change-palm pattern.. -anyway, just a view

    –Also a great taste, although not specifically “Walking” sets up some connections, is a video on “Bagua rolling the ball”..

    Heaven&Earth chigung, and/or Dragon and Tiger chigung, develops skills that activate and weave in.. like attribute training drills

    You may have already seen this, but note the quality of connection and state of thinking he seems to show, vs the movement done as a move the arms-this-way and that… hard to explain..


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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