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    One thing I seem to be having trouble with when I create space in the armpits I seem to create tension holding my arms and hands slightly forward and away from the body.

    I understood that if arms touch the body it interrupts chi flow when doing the practice.

    Can you advise how to achieve the space without creating tension? I just don’t feel relaxed when I try to achieve this.

    Many thanks June



    Hi June :O) ;)

    What I have been discovering is the more you practice the more you relax and I have found I am not so aware of creating tension when I have that space in the armpits.

    I notice when my focus is more on the chi pathways I am not focussed on the need for the space in the armpits and keeping the hand distance away from the body is likely helping to create that space in the armpits in a more natural relaxed way.

    But when I am focussed on just making sure there is space in the armpits then I become more aware of the tension now in the shoulder blade area, :O)

    No one else answered so thought I would make like a diary here :O) I am in Week 3 at the time of writing this reply, I think I asked the above when in week 1.



    Hi June,

    There is nothing like practice to help you figure things out for yourself. It sounds like you are on a good learning path.

    Have fun, and keep exploring how relaxation that increases chi flow naturally will create more space in many parts of your body.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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