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    I’m having some small spontaneous movements in the back of my neck when I focus there. I’m wondering what the approach is to spontaneous movements.



    Hello Geraldine, best wishes-

    my understanding from Bruce whether sitting (or standing, or moving) is that when a motion seems to arise rather than allow, which usually turns-into encouraging/exaggerating… instead sense what is driving that.. (often a type of contraction, two forces going opposite-ways thus this-way&that.. and this may often not be from that particular location.. (ie a neck may be reacting to vertebrae or even blood-vessel pulses anywhere else in torso or head.. not just directly in that neck area). -so rather than add to, nor to suppress, but rather what other places might “let-go” adjust on their own (if given space) so that the whole adjusts.

    (this has thus more applications than just the literally physical, of what affects what). -I hope that adds something. cheers



    Hello Taokua B,
    Many thanks for your reply. It has helped me understand better what we are doing with this meditation form. I had noticed that if I increased my focus in the area where the motion was the intensity would increase. I guess that sensing what is driving the motion fits in with the general idea of becoming aware of what is happening when attention wanders. It seems to be a sort of awareness in the background rather than a focused awareness….sensing rather than allowing…quite new for me
    Cheers, Geraldine



    I also have also experienced spontaneous movement while meditating. Actually it happened quite a lot. It seemed to me to be my chi bouncing around within different zones or reagons within my energy body. And although it helped me identify my internal self it also seemed to be a big distraction and something I needed to get past. After much work on it I’ve come to think that it is a product of my own anxiety. Fortunately it is abating now. My anxiety also seems to be a bit less. The effort has taken several years. I think the big take away for me has been the understanding that anxiety blocks the flow of subtle information and integration into/about the larger world about us.



    Congrats on your journey and unfolding-devel… a thought I’d relate, might shine a light?.. The idea in meditation ( espec in Taoist, but in some other(s) also) of being (in) a space.. and things happen in that space.. not “distance from” but how much room is there… if one’s attn is more like a spotlight, it only shines on a small area.. and if it moves, it likely moves “out of the light” —- then you would need to move (even jump to look and “catch up”) your attn, and thus trigger the nerves… to find… where did it go?
    and always a sense of not enough space to move.. cramped.. as one become “less cramped” (literally as one become more ‘sung’ -“more free”.. not as an idea, but like removing ropes or a straightjacket or even a heavy backpack.. ahhhh can breath a bit easier…

    and, the example I oft return to, think of one of those “assemble at home” furniture-kits.. “flat-pack”.. where all the boards, slats, pieces, even tools are there… you just need to open the box, take them out and find and arrange them, then first step, etc…
    -imagine: doing that in a closet.. (let alone the lighting may not be good, but banging the walls.. like moving a couch or refridge or bed into a house.. may be heavy already… but the closer the walls are, sharp turns around a corner… jenga… turn this way and that- slow ti down, hold it.. easy- (bang :)
    vs doing that in the middle of a room (there is still furniture, like a couch, chairs, or table(s) against the walls.. but can lift and arrange..
    [ vs doing it in the middle of an empty, well-lit, spacious, yet comfortable warehouse.. all-kinds of room… spread the pieces out, so can stand-back and see the “big-picture” ~how its all laid-out… ]
    that is the actual stuff (the parts, and maneuvering the assembly..
    –but what about the “mind-space” of “holding -in- your mind” what are the parts are, the steps.. (many can only hold so many.. before drop.. the ole’ 5 or-2… like juggling.. its a trick, but many can toss up one ball and catch.. then two.. but once three.. then more, each one add, likely to not only drop that added one.. but all the others, that you were handing a moment before…
    .. what was I just thinking about? (check instructions again..) go over the list (to refresh, as part of the list is lost/fades/blurs.. as one can only focus-on/hold in mind, “so many things at once”..

    …. but as/if you can hold more things “in” mind (even the phrase implies a space)… and if not need to “hold” them.. but can just place them “There”– like putting on the ground in a big space (turn away, even go take a break, and come-back.. its still there, waiting.. –a small room, if take a break, put things away until come-back.. then would need to re-lay-out… and re-orient…
    -just like in mind, not to delete (forget), or drop, if think of else, as not enough room to let it sit..
    (just as Bruce mentioned, in Bagua training- its like a swimming pool- the pool-water lets whatever wants to enter the pool to come-in, or leave or move-around (or just float there) while other things are moving or entering…. -have a mind like that.. but not by force or efforting.. )

    .. to circle back to the first ex.. as the attn can just notice more, than one doesn’t have to Focus.. and doesn’t need to jump to follow, as movement is all in awareness (rather than a spotlight area, more like a flashlight, or floodlight.. … eventually more and more like the noon-day sun, all is lit-up, and just look and there it is…

    –follow with your vision (like an eagle) a kid running around the yard or park.. but as your awareness expands (espec if aware less via “attn” & more via just conscious of.. ie meditation, non-distacted.. Hsin, etc.).. as your awareness expands, they go here and there and around.. where ever, you are aware and open to the whole space (more space in mind..

    more free and unbound, just ah… the “let-go” releases some of the anxt deep down (which all the layers above reflect (even amplify, thus rather than all the reactions being tense from that.. each reaction, twitch or process is less stuck, and then integrates… -over time…

    I hadn’t written that out before, but an example I’ve had in mind for a while.. I hope might help some- luck in your journeys and discoveries..

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