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    hello all
    i have a persistant sensation – more like an ache/pain actually. after 10 minutes or so of standing, the area in between my shoulder blades starts to ache and burn a bit. its not excruciating by any means, just a real burn. it doesnt distract me from working on alignments or sinking, but it IS present.
    wondering who else has felt this – and perhaps if they think this might be more of a dissolving issue.

    thanks in advance!

    and if theres anyone in quebec or toronto or somewhere in between in the circle, do reach out!

    andrew whiteman



    Hi Andrew
    I would suggest signing up for the qi gong for neck, back and shoulder pain before it closes. It is truly exceptional beyond the name it is given but it would probably really help address this.
    Otherwise maybe play with the alignments and the sinking and your attention and intention to try to back off from the sensation becoming painful or uncomfortable.
    Or maybe just try standing for as much time as you are doing but in ten minute increments, since that sounds like when it gets set off, giving your body time to process before the sensation starts to appear.
    Stand for ten minutes, sit with or without the alignments as Bruce has mentioned, then when it feels like you can do more without the sensation getting set off, stand.
    I’d also say really pay special attention to your 70%. I’m just working off your comment of ten minutes but if you do it in increments it might still get set off early. Also, the seventy percent rule is just good advice.:)



    Hi Andrew

    Please take my comments as a fellow learner (not an authority):

    Most of my aches/ persistent tightnesses do eventually soften as I follow the training: sometimes a stuck tightness in for example the shoulder blades or neck releases only when I stop working on it ‘too hard’ & when I move to focusing somewhere else e.g: the diaphragm or below. All Cody’s 70% advice seems spot on in terms of breaking up practice time to see does that help, it may undo that thing of expectation – waiting subconsciously for the burning to come ….and then it does (:

    Maybe look back at months 2 or 3 videos where Bruce talks a lot about releasing/lengthening out muscles from there outwards around to the arms as you are rounding the back/shoulders nest, but again, too much focus on ‘fixing’ can keep it tight.

    The Free longevity breathing audio is useful for learning how to breathe into the upper back.

    If there is no improvement/movement over time & practice in the sensation, I do remember that in those earlier videos, Bruce mentions repeatedly that the place between the shoulder blades is important in Chinese medicine/Neigong in terms of early alertness to stroke tendency & the state of our physical heart function- so without creating any fear (but also not wanting to ignore sensible advice), no harm in any of us of any age getting a traditional Medical checkup that all is working well in there – I know of too many young & old who could have benefited from that kind of pre-knowledge! This advice is certainly above my pay grade…but would feel bad not bringing it up all the same.

    Hope the discomfort shifts soon
    Good luck with practice




    hello cody – thanks for the advice. funny, just now i did 20 minutes and did Not experience the thing sensations. perhaps my location – im a musician and where i practice is often a big question mark – or the time of day – nice, calm afternoon made a difference.
    of course ive seen the adverts for the new course & it does look thorough. its just im in the standing course and just wrapping up the D&T online, so i dont wanna break the 70% in terms of information intake, you know?

    much appreciated feedback

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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