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    I’ve been doing standing Qigong at my apartment although I have a carpet like everyone else it’s a concrete slab or foundation. I was told this draws the energy out of you therefore meaning you would not get any benefit from doing Qigong this way as a matter of fact will make you weaker or body weaker since it’s drawing the energy out, is this true? yes or no?



    HI Paul,

    It’s preferable not to practice while you are on a concrete floor. Concrete does pull chi out of you. You’ll probably still benefit from your practice but not quite as much. If you’re doing a standing practice, I’d recommend that you stand on a wooden platform that you place over the concrete. The 2 or 3 or 4 inches of height above the concrete that this provides will insulate you from the effects of the concrete, in a way that carpet will not. If you’re doing a moving practice like tai chi where such a wooden platform is impractical, then it’s still better to practice on the concrete than to not practice at all. But when and if you can practice elsewhere, try that.

    Good practice to you,




    Hi Bill

    I was wandering what could be used for a wooden platform / improvised for practising qigong dragon & tiger inside. ?

    Wondering if have to get one made or if there may be something already available that could be used. ?

    My concrete floor is covered in screed, over which I have linoleum and over that a pure wool rug.

    Would be grateful for any suggestions.

    Best wishes




    I don’t have any particular suggestions for anything pre-made. Perhap others do, I think you’ll need to use some ingenuity for your own situation. The wool rug is a good start, but probably isn’t quite enough “insulation” from the concrete.



    Thanks Bill

    I thought of those wooden bath mats but the depth and width is not quite large enough, not when stepping forward to do move 3.

    I will have to look around at the diy places.

    Grateful if others have suggestions.

    Although I am feeling the qi in my hands and qi field around my legs. I’ve been doing a bit on the grass outside also but the earth covered grass is uneven.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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