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    Hi , i practice standing at the beginning of D & T , when doing energy gates and as meditation ..

    I know our bodies our not symmetrical , but to what extent should we be concerned with our posture being uneven .. ? most of my alignment problems seem to be on my right side .. this is something that’s drove me a bit crazy as i’m constantly questioning what is right .. i understand we shouldn’t force our body into positions that look ‘even’ and that we have to be gentle .. was just just wondering if anyone could share their experiences or a general overview of the best approach to maintaining balanced alignments




    Pretty much just let gravity pull your whole body down into your feet, let your body just go limp another words whole body is relaxed shoulders are dropped and not stiff. The stance should be so that you are bent at the knees but not too (like the postion you would be in right before you about to take a seat in a chair) you want both your knees right over the top of your feet even anything you don’t want to be back on your heels because there is an artery down by your achilles tendon/ankle and this artery is the main artery responsible for getting blood back to your heart if you are leaning too far back (like on your heels) the chi will not come up from your feet and will not circulate throughout your body because you have so called turned the spicket or plumbing off so to speak. So therefore you want your body weight distributed more to the front of the foot even anthing else. There is a cavity at the bottom of your foot, you want some of your wieght on this cavity on the bottom of your foot so your foot can draw energy from the ground. This cavity on the bottom of your foot is located just under the tall of each or your feet. You want there to be a little space at the arch of both feet so your body feels at though it’s just floating. It’s crucial to try to maintain this space at the arch of your foot so the chi will be distrubted throughout your body if your body is centered properly this will happen automatically if you have ever snow skied before the postion you get into when you snow ski is very similiar to the stance or alignment I’m talking about, where the knees are not bent too much forward or too much backward. The head should be straight with the chin slightly tucked in a bit but you are looking straight ahead, there are two cavities by your arm pits on both sides of your body and you want to keep these cavities open in order for chi to flow to your arms and finger tips, in order to do this you need to sink your your chest a little or a better way of putting it is you have a hollow chest like your hugging a tree so picture that, when you hug a tree your chest is hollow and your back is widened or expanded because of the position this is the kind of the position you want when you are thinking about proper alignment, just make sure that there is a space between your armpits and your arms in order to keep these two cavities open, another this is never close the space between your thumb or index fingers keep that space open as well at all times. Also, always touch your tongue to the upper part of your mouth so your body can draw chi touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue very lightly and keep it there at all times. Your body should have a coe to it, when you think of a coe think of a hook, so your fingers need to be all spread and the fingers need to have a little coe to them like your clawing someone but not bent to that extent more like a hook, the hands hook the back is rounded and the shoulders hook in order for you to keep those two cavities near your armpits open. That’s about it, besides all this just let your body sink and relax into the ground.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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