Tension in QL and general in Hip due to trauma

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    Hey Paul
    I have the situation that “it” generates lots of tension in my ql and hip.
    Just for more overview. I build it up even while sleeping. It has most probably to do with two traumas I had. One being still in the uterus (7.month) and one snowboard accident.
    Dissolving it in standing sometimes works, sometimes not much. E.g. : When I do Dragon and Tiger I very often get into more tension than before. I started to do everything Qigong Tool just focusing on the relaxing, since that’s the basic for all martial art. But still I don’t seem to be able to leave it behind me for good. The pattern I tap into is still so very resistant. I am very dedicatet to martial art since 20 years, but that tension is still holding me back of getting really into it. I got to somatic experiencing for about 3 years. That helped me a lot. Still i have the goal do over come the situation myself.
    Any idea, advice?
    Thank you and bruce for your wonderful work! And I a hope to meet you in person some day!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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