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    I’m not overly familiar with Bruce’s teachings except the xingyi mastery stuff. But when Bruce teaches qigong or daoist meditation does he tell you to close or lift the anus? I’ve heard some daoist teachers say that if you don’t close or lift it then the energy will leak out. What does Bruce teach?


    This may seem indirect, but it depends upon which of two methods you are following- either A) you have an instructor/system you are following (which they have shown you they have i. skills you want & ii. you believe their system/teachings will allow you to learn from them to do what they do.)…. [if you do this, it depends on which you are following, other systems are interesting, but a distraction.]

    or B) you are assembling piece-meal (ala carte method), which requires a deeper understanding than just doing- an operating-system understanding (not just what is done, but why.. and how).. [thus one is trying to mix-overlaps in systems, which requires a remapping of contrasting-contexts, etc.)

    if you aren’t doing either, but what seems like the second, but is mixing and matching but just at the instruction level.. who knows what you will get (many pull a bit here and there, and yet confuse themselves that they are not, and feel that they are following one teacher– so keeping clear of what is being combined from where.. and why).
    On another note- I have always found interesting why certain topics have such attention.. – just to be clear for myself what I focus on or don’t focus upon amongst many listed ideas… and how others do.
    I”ve seen when many different ideas are listed, connections or actions in different parts of the body (and mind), and for some reason it jumps out- ah do something with the grain-path (butthole).. it may be of value, but why is that particular body-part something that seems important?

    Anyway- above might seem flippant, but is serious, why does that arise? (it may seem an obvious question, but is not the only idea out there, so why is that in particular often discussed? which may reveal aspects of practice also)…

    Bruce has taught other connections that do not do this action you mention, and has recommended not to do it… in terms of “energy leaking out” (as a different issue), there are ways to contain (having a ‘center’ embodying-presence, being here.. and grounded.. etc)..

    but another reason that other systems have included that, is their systems descended from practices where pressue in the stance isn’t draining down the legs- but instead is pressing down into the pelvis (thus the power-lifters hernia-hemeroid risk) as well as how to create a lifting feeling..

    (Xingyi-santi: droppings and lifitings and kous… and whether you energy is toppling-leaning one-way or another, vs being connected and yet sung).

    I hope that helps- and leads down some paths of discovery if you follow where those can lead- luck in your practice

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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