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    Something i’ve found is quite impactful is how TaoYoga have the three stages (mentioned in header)… which is not just stretching-assuming a position, but lengthening into (with breathing, as release-as.. so stays at ease, or more so, vs the shift from gettingin).. and then settle-into (as in the Bagua program this is actually – 4 complete breaths.. a noticeable pause and settle-sink-integ)..

    but I find the last-of the three, isn’t emphasized elsewhere- the idea of being still and at ease in a position, and then even as the thought-intent of engaging the “leaving position now” doing that in a way that doesn’t jolt or rev.. and to lengthen out.. breathing at pts- in the same way that one eased into the position. (this allows and encourages the soft-tissue springiness to adjust in stages, and stay linked and connected to the position, vs just collapsing once leaving).

    Whether in TaoYoga- specifically, or in motion between neigung flows (like each of the 6 GodsPlaying-in-the-Clouds, or Dr&T- let alone positional extremes within those flows), or positions in BaguaZhangneigung.. so stay connected and full, enter, within, and exiting (back to neutral before entering the next- even if “exit 1” and “enter 2” are combined/overlapped)… to be open to and allow the changes and shifts to the system from the process just done upon it. (as the leaving-easing out of, like tuning a piano wire- tightens a bit, but then wait a moment and does that wire, or others or the piano frame, adjust to that tension- and how does that affect the sound, of any-all parts).

    -like a smith, putting an iron in the fire, take it out look a bit (how much has the heat it has been in, in the forge, affected it? is it ready? bang it a bit, or put it back in the forge, or need to quench it.. ? take a reading upon what the process- posture, or other energy affecting- has resulted in.)


    Just to add to this, a post-comment I added into the BaguaMastery section is below, might be of interest?
    -largely relates to the Iceberg metaphor (of what is seen/experienced, how much is visible, how much do we identify with, vs what is below the surface?)
    -if iceberg. more than 80% unseen?

    what is occurring in the depths below the surface? (espec as relates to the psych-perspective that conscious-“choice” is a result of subcon bubbling to the surface..)

    and a sense of subcon “not-me” is just a result of fractionation in the subcon- two, or more, different streams arising, one I relate to as “me” the other(s) seems distinct- but is all a result of what is occurring down there (and whether ‘I’ “notice” what-I-do, or not, is determined by the subconscious streams that arise, and result in that expression.

    Meditation as a process of bringing what is “on the surface” down ‘into’ the depths (rather than becoming “aware” of what is in subcon)… assuming a process is setup in the depths (the cauldron- cooking, wetness- consistency)
    Something I noticed a while back, as a result of cooking beans :) Note sure if this is the best place, but thought it might be of value to some. -relates to Gua#50 ‘ding’, the cauldron: fire-li over wind.. (as a reflection/reaction to the molting/skin-change of dui-lake over fire-li #49)…

    dry beans soaking in a pot- over heat, stir.. gives a different view than the Carl Jung “Making the subcon conscious… bringing to the surface from the depths.” — but rather, taking what is on the surface, and stirring/sinking it down into the depths..
    (the scooping up from the depths, as a way of “making room for” what lies upon the top to fall downward, placing what is “brought up- on top of.”)…

    the trick being, in this view, the process (the change-agent) not being so much its encounter upon the surface, brought to ‘light’.. but rather the gentle-sustained heat, in the depths.
    the heat, and the moisture in the deeper, insides, is redistributed.. .and the ‘dry beans’ (on the surface- outside), which are cooler, and dried.. are brought down, “folded-into” and thereby moistened, and into the heat.. (where they are changed by the thermal transfer.. “cooked” we might say.. over time “gung-fu”)….

    and this regular stirring, disperses any local differences, and unevenness.. and yet, rather than have a constant stirring (as may occur in dry roasting), it sets-up so that the heat may buildup, before stirring, which redistributes, but also releases the heat from the depths up and out the top. (the vapor-steam rising cloud.. as a mist, and scent).
    I hope that isn’t too repetitive, but just something that has come to mind each time as I have, espec as let it process for a while, practice a bit, return and stir and let it be a while, etc. (the view of setting up conditions (that deep heat, and the structure of the container itself), and that the process is what occurs- in the subcon? vs what is “intended”…

    i.e. “its not about ‘me’ and what I do.” (or rather what is the real-me? this surface-thinker? or that which is ‘telling this story” and is also creating this process– heat in the depths, sunk and gathered together.. (process for a purpose).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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