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    To make a long story short, I have been meditating very intensly for many years, many hours a day Following the advice of a certain teacher much of the emphasis if not the entire emphasis of the practice was in the headspace.

    About 6 years ago, during a retreat I had an energetic awakening that cause much imbalance that still exists to this day. I was foolishly trying to bring energy up and open the crown. Initially there was much psychic distortion, but this has faded and what remains is a general sense of aloofness, forgetfulness, disorientation and disconnect from my body and the physical dimension. This has made day to day living very challenging. This had led to anxiety/panic attacks and I was forced to take anti anxiety meds which seem to help tremendously.

    I started eating healthier and detoxfying my body. I started a hour daily breahting meditation, hour daily walking meditation and a hour daily water dissolving meditation(which through muscle memory almost became constant).

    I couldn’t believe it! I started to feel better!

    During my dissolving meditation I would sense blockages over by my left ear area, I would noticed the energy was swirling in that area. I tried to work through it as best I could. The subsequent days that followed I would feel a heat build up in the area of my left ear. One morning I woke up wth partial deafness and blarring tinnitus from the ear. The deafness has faded but the blarring tinnitus remains to this day.

    Would someone be so kind as to help me understand what happened(theories or best guess ideas are fine) and how one could rectify the situation?

    Thank you for all our support!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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