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    Well, I want to post this update.

    Today I’m in Month 03, Week 02, Day 02.

    When I say “LDT” that means lower dantien.

    It’s already several weeks now since the instructions said TWO THINGS, regarding: My lower dantien (LDT) : (1) That I should “try to have my body awareness . . . try to have my awareness and feeling . . . GO to that place, so I can recognize it.” AND (2) That I can TELL whether I’m “connected there” (to LDT) or not connected there, because if I AM, then I’ll tend NOT to be distracted, whereas if I’m NOT, I’ll tend to BE distracted.

    So . . . just as I was starting to look for “how” to implement those two things . . . at that very point there occurred a subtle but (for me) MAJOR shift in “my inside world,” which is still “there,” several weeks later. One day as I started practicing, I was surprised to see, that it WAS the case, that distraction from counting breaths WAS JUST NOT AN ISSUE. (This is still very strange to relate.) I didn’t believe it at first. But after several weeks I have to admit to myself: RELIABILITY of breath-counting (which was NOT the case before), now IS the case . . . AND: That shift or readjustment happened all by itself at the start of that particular practice period! L O L

    Now if “Point 2” (mentioned in the second paragraph up) is TRUE, then that feel of RELIABILITY (non-distraction) in breath-counting MUST BE related to LDT. So WHAT IF that feeling of reliability IS “me” being connected to LDT ???

    Question: IS this feeling of reliability just limited to staying “on-count,” with the breathing? Answer: NO! I can’t say just what it is, or just what it includes. But, it does feel like it’s the same as (or closely related to) “my” capability of being aware of any place in the body . . . or of anything going on in the body . . . or of anything (any process, OR activity) that the body is doing.

    I’m still looking to see if I can FEEL LDT as a specific place or location, where it is said to be located: “One third of the way down from the navel to the top of the public hair, and in the CENTER of the body (not the front or the back).”

    Now all of the above is also closely related to two specific things that it asks in the current instructions for these two weeks:

    (1) “What does it mean to be comfortable feeling the ground and being out of my head?” AND –

    (2) “Where is there SOMETHING to where I’m present, and it’s not just present to my thoughts and my thinking, but present also to my body and anything that’s IN my body?”

    I’m asking myself those questions a lot, and asking how do THEY relate to . . . LDT ???

    The instructions say that AS I am getting LDT “connected” to the ground and to the whole body, I should watch for this specific happening or occurrence, namely: The whole upper body, and the whole lower body all DROP, down through the feet, into the ground. I’m on the lookout for that to happen.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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