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    Hello and thank you for this well organised course on Dragon and Tiger.
    Being on the 8th week i wonder whether the bending and stretching of the kwa is an element and basic point in all the movements of Dragon and tiger and not just in those ones that the kwa move explicitly, like the 2nd, 3rd. For example, are the kaw bending as the hand goes down and stretching as the hand goes up the side lines? When i tried this i felt the movement of energy in the body more obviously. If thi is so i suppose it is the same for movement 6.
    Does this apply to all the movements?
    Thank you for the answer beforehand



    Hi Kalliope,

    In movement 6, you would bend the kwa very slightly as your hands trace the pathways, and then release it as you pierce.

    You are right that there is some movement of the kwa in all the moves of Dragon & Tiger, however it is not the same type of movement in all the moves.

    Because the kwa work for some of the moves is more advanced, Bill does not discuss all of it in this course. At some point you may be able to learn the more advanced kwa work from a live teacher.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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