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    Hi everyone,

    I am a 35 yrs old currently living and working in Kuala Lumpur.
    I have been interested in eastern philosophy for a long time and have read
    many books to try and understand the spiritual traditions of taoism, zen
    bhuddism, indian and tibetan bhuddism and spirituality.

    I have always felt a special connection and attraction towards the taoist
    tradition, and after reading and studying the dao de jing, chuang tze and lie
    tze classics, my feeling have reinforced that I want to pursue this road.
    when i read these books, I feel like instantly recognising their teachings as
    true, like someone is writing down my deepest feeling about existence better
    than I would ever have been able to.
    Now in Kuala Lumpur I live with a partner of chinese ethnicity and taoist
    tradition and I am following her traditions together with her and her

    I do, however, feel like I want to progress more in depth along this path. I
    have read much and viewed many videos from Bruce Frantzis, and his words
    always resonated with me as honest, close to what I feel towards these
    matters and extremely sincere.
    You understand that since these subjects are quite trendy nowadays and they
    represent a good business one feels very suspicious when trying to approach a
    master or school to guide one down this path, as these are obviously very
    delicate matters and recognizing someone as a master means putting one’s life
    in their hands .
    For these reasons I wish I could directly have Bruce as my master, but living
    in Kuala Lumpur that is impossible.
    I also want to make clear that my interest is toward meditation and spiritual
    development – I do feel interested in the practice of tai chi and qi gong,
    but especially as vehicles to spiritual development, while most teachers of
    these practices shy away from their deeper connections to the self and spirituality thus
    reducing my interest.

    Now I would like to be given some advice for a serious master to start and accompany a willing
    disciple along the path of taoist meditation and spiritual evolution here in
    Kuala Lumpur. I hope someone in this forum has connections or knowledge even in this city to
    know of the presence of a serious master here.

    Thank everyone for reading,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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