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    Today, it is my last day of week 1.
    Every time I practice standing, I feel a tension/pain under my right calf, 10 mn after the beginning.
    So, should I train standing until the feel of the tension and continue sitting on a chair, or, should I stop the practice at 10/15 mn ?If so, can I continue on week 2 ?and if the pain is still here,can I practice standing and then on a chair or should I wait until I can stand 20 mn without pain?
    Is the practice of standing breathing of week 1means solely to stand and breathe without relaxing from top to the ground?


    Standing practice will bring up many discomforts if you
    train regularly. The question is: Is it really pain you’re experiencing? Pain is a sign that there
    is something wrong. So first check that your alignments are correct. If what
    you’re actually experiencing is discomfort, then it is due to the posture targeting
    bound tension in your body. If you don’t practice standing, you may not release
    those tensions. However, you should not force yourself to stand for any certain
    period of time. So you have to feel your way through it. My advice is: If it is
    truly pain, then you should sit. If it’s actually discomfort you’re
    experiencing, then stand and, once the discomfort becomes obvious, remain
    standing for a couple more minutes (if you can), and then sit down for the
    rest of your practice. This process will slowly open up the body, release
    tension and allow you to stand for longer periods without discomfort. If you
    just sit and wait, you may never be able to stand for 20 minutes without

    The answer to your second question is yes–just standing and
    breathing with attention on refining your alignments.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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