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    If for some reason a student wanted to learn Inner Dissolving from a different master than Bruce, where could they find one?

    For example, to cross reference and get a different perspective, or to learn from someone with a different personality?

    It seems very strange to me that no one else (other than his students) seems to be teaching from the same tradition as Bruce.

    It might have made sense a couple of decades ago, but now with so many teachers in the West and so much cultural exchange, surely other lineage holders should have appeared?

    I find the situation very unsatisfactory and consider it open to unwholesome dynamics. So much so that I have suspended my practice of 15 years while my relationship to it remains unresolved.

    Even Dzogchen, which is considered a rare and high teaching has many different masters teaching in the West.



    Can I ask how far you have got with Inner Dissolving, what you would like to get, and what the problem is with the BKF material. It seems to me that apart from basic instructions, most of dissolving is learn as you go in any case ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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