Whether these practice(s) (opening-closing, or whichever) are part of life, or unrelated-pretend “Dirty little Secret)=unreal

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    Just to throw in a-nother perspective to the recent comments that people are “not able” to find a person to practice with (Can’t… vs aren’t choosing to, it being inconvenient and new… even awkward, but not possible? self-disempowering). -I wonder if those writing that really believe they “can’t” and just don’t want to phrase it, don’t already have it possible..

    (then before signing up for the Training Circle: open&close? “I can’t…. its not in any-way possible.” -but then you get the info.. does that change what was previously possible? – just like getting someone to practice with, not possible? -if you had a big-heavy-large size table or cabinet to move, are you saying you couldn’t find someone to drop by for 15min- 1/2 hr to help carry it… say you “bribe” ~offer a meal (slice of takeout pizza.. or another sandwich)… Now perhaps some of those reading this forum live way out in the country where there isn’t anyone for miles around, and they work from home.. but even then, unless you only get food deliverer and dropped-off, you travel into town say-once a week?
    (Perhaps the assumption is, one needs say- we need to have a partner spend an hour or more daily, day after day for the full year… think rather one day a week.. and surely someone could be found to meet once, no commitment; plan to ask a second person the next time.. assume no more then 2,3xs per person (6 people for the year? -even if someone is like, sounds boring and dumb, could you ask a favor- you do it to them, they do what you did back, and say repeat that again… 15 mins and then hang out and talk about what they are interested in.. favor and chat…

    -espec if you work with other people (go to lunch, or spend break time.. even a “working” break- can pulse while brainstorm on a project), or if go to school/college whatever.. “Hey I’ve been studying something to do with joints, can you help me with something for say 15? -it has to do with a gentle movement of the synovial fluids in between the joints; I just need to get a feel. I’d really appreciate it…?” (assume many you ask might be like wuh? or even no… s’ok, even if they say not interested… end result, experience, and still have no partner.. same, and would there be any benefit to a quick comment to unknown people? -practice..? assuming the first handful of times it will be weird and awkward, but accustomed and a bit more at east…..)

    “But if they say yes, then others might see us doing it, and it could look like holding hands or who knows….. they’ll think its weird…” (probably, but someone could walk by and ask hey what is that..? you explain, and they say I’d like to know more ? (maybe)- or even one walk by and going ChiGung Tuina pulsing? I’ve been looking for someone to do that with…. whatever- the idea is I want a single person and don’t let anyone else know or see.
    (but just like meeting up people- its being out there, just a bit.. only everyonce in a while. Of course many might think- once a month, that’s not worth it- but is more often than never.. and < per my title comment > it tells your subconscious that this is real.. I’d state that doing it for the first 6 months, or even once a week just mention (say cool and don’t be pushy, but just see if every once in a while), it will change your viewpoint and if you “never” get a yes…. but mention it now& then anyway.. your pulsing (and other chigung practice) will become much more real, just from your subconscious sensing it is something you mean (not to hide it away, keep it secret.. and pretend ie fake ie not worth much significance.)

    Now perhaps one can practice and gain without having your subcon perceive it as significant (just as a partner isn’t needed– actually doing regular circling hands without a partner, is perhaps better than having a partner to work with and not doing ‘regular’ circling-hands….); but further (with all respect, as I realize it is awkward and perhaps something people won’t consider doing…. let alone putting up a flyer on a few bulletin-boards, that “You’ll be at a cafe, or in the lunchroom on such a day/time to try something.. anyone interested?” — if you go there for lunch, or after work tea or coffee… and you sit there the full-time with no response, no big… -a single amount of time (plan for it…and if one says hello.. ) but easiest to bring up via a small-group lunch- mention off-hand a subject .. just as if asking for help carrying a table from a room to another– or heck, a handful (of known work/school assoc) drop by on a fri-afternoon? (while there, propose, has anyone seen this? show to one- any interest..) -it seems that “back in the day” people invited over to one’s house, now and again…
    (and assume some might show up and not approach you, as they are interested, but won’t say hello themself).

    again if there is no-one for mile around, at least on the times you drive into town to the market- contact? yet many have an apartment across the hall, or down a door or two -how many in the same bld.. or a nearby apt-complex.. or if suburban, and in a cul-de-sac…? — again just a reality check, not saying one should, or even that one wants to.. but that is different from “can’t” (there isn’t anyone…) might even be a local grp, Aikido class, yoga grps, whatever, chat with instructor about a drop-by.. walk people through.. (even thinking about that, let alone finding such people to ask/offer that to.. even if you don’t, will change your subcon view). [Anyway, too much writing. -food for thought, perhaps]
    … ….

    [This is an affect that some have noticed of the outdoor-public-park practice, in China, and even elsewhere- some teachers have instructed people to go to a through-way and practice doing forms just for the inner-psych changes that creates.. “ugh- being watched.” (much like a result of doing ‘demos’ of forms for a martial-arts school..) one teacher in Canada, in a town where TaiChi wasn’t super well-known assigned doing forms off-to-the-side but near the ferry terminal…. each new boat- those loading on, and those loading off (how many look, how many laugh, or don’t even notice… just walk by, or stretches where there is no one).

    … anyway- to state, I “can” find someone, I just don’t choose to prioritize it.. even that you recognize you could (just need ask someone for some time- limit the time, clearly explain what it entails, and don’t assume that it is more than once.. and be ok with them either saying no, or not sure- .. or even tell me more about this….?
    (if you say, I can’t – that disempowers you own sense of can. let alone as, surely it is recognized, its not true..) < like that ole' "How do you get to ___?" -"You can't get 'there' from here...." ? >

    i recognize that say-think I could but not worth it isn’t as safe as “I can’t” (well, if you can’t oh well then…. but anything you haven’t moved “one-step away from” could be said like that… just like, I can’t go out to lunch with someone, or a few people.. -but, is if possible to ask 3,4,5 people, some time in the next month, what if we all grabbed a meal? No pressure (eating anyway.. ) etc. Or meet just after- while “on-site” or off-nearby-location- chat about what projects engaged in (work, or school, etc)..
    a good “work” practice is find people, in other parts of organization that you don’t see constantly, but perhaps have phone/email contact- etc (even if you work at a car-wash.. those doing tasks in other places, but part of the flow.. contact with, what do you do there? enriches your picture of how it all works. etc…) -this may be obvious to all, and forgive is seems well-known, or again something that isn’t done (but choose not to, vs can’t.. sure helps to expand your understanding of how to upgrade the flow, and do the day to day, or job-shift… or if in college, or high school, those in other subject-tracks.. what are you learning? (also- what are the study methods you are using? one doing lit and another doing physics might seem to have little in common, but both prep to tests, both learn through words- text and lectures, also discussion/seminars….)

    again, not telling anyone what they should want to do.. just food for thought– I can’t tell if my posts are/have been of value, but just felt that some of the ideas in the above I should present for possible thought [and yes, I should-have broken this single post into a number of different forum-posts, each with a single idea.. for those that just scan for an idea& jump over the rest.. as there being more than a single-idea, how many are likely to carefully mine for, let alone read-over again to extract.)
    But this being perhaps considered out of bounds, best put it all together in one posting-
    good luck in your practicing, however you prioritize it (or whether/how you plan to share it, or at least be visible about it- or contrarily, if you plan to keep it unknown), Either way the value of these arts- can deliver even if you do only spend a day once a month (so many oft say if I don’t “at least” do it ___ N time.. then it isn’t worth doing at all.. and yet any is better than none.. and just like the buffet, if sample and taste things, you come to both realize what you like and what they taste like (what does this practice actually do for you? you find out- by doing it some.) ,..
    and you may develop a greater appetite for the taste… and it may wax&wane over time (even if you back off for a while, don’t think you have to quit.. .
    just like if you decide to spend a greater amount of time- that doesn’t “commit” you so that you have-to continue…. etc.

    cheers – does any of this help or inspire some new understandings/possibilities? (that’s its purpose and goal).




    Really Interesting questions to raise for sure to which there are no definitive answers, which is a relief.

    My personal sense of it is that these questions are part and parcel of the ‘open and closing’ implicit in attempting to learn this stuff in an evolving digital/video teaching format. In a life of intermittent practice (very different teachers) I have experienced sort of ‘opening and closing’ cycles. Before the digital video age, the only way to learn was through live teaching – the mountain travelling to Mohammed….For me in Ireland, when I got the chances opening, step by step in years, to the local town, to the further city, then for me to teachings in the UK, US , Europe, and adventures in China, all great human experiences. Since beginning with EA, maybe a closing phase, first with books and then discovering the depth of video teaching available, it made me curious as to how much I could learn through digital medium ( alone) .

    I have been so surprised of the the last year or so , how I have to adapt to the medium carrying the message, to treat videos not as fixed determinate instructions, but soften my response to them, not trying to grasp everything…in a way like the course content- and be open to encountering them differently at different times as I begin to absorb the structure, Information, the language, the intent of the teaching and sometimes contradictions (at least as I first may perceive them). They change with each viewing along with my practice, while I suppose literally they are digitally fixed moments in time, how I respond to them on first , second or return viewings is not fixed at all. That is very different from live teaching where the aftermath is a memory, charged and fuelled by experience of the teacher and the group/ individuals (?) you may be learning with. I am not saying one is better that the other, but they are very different, and recognising that even tangentially is useful in finding out how one may learn anything in a particular context.

    So really , the internet, remote video learning has allowed Mohammed to beam to the mountain, and like all things digital it both connects and fragments us. I feel 100% (or maybe 70% :) real & connected in encountering the videos and learning, but yes the availability of a remote system of learning can reduce the necessary build of of energy that previously would have brought me more out into the world, to others- of necessity, to find live teaching…and by implication maybe fellow students for potential shared practice…..so experimenting opening up outwards from the video learning to others, how, or if to find a partner ?(either practitioner or not) is part of an individual approach to using videos to learn- the important thing being for me- not to make it an obstacle, pressure or obligation -or that you have to find someone in order to proceed.

    I have experimented with asking non practitioners to help out and it can be funny , awkward and slightly embarrassing- but also difficult/useful as you have to put some effort into explaining what to do, so even if it does not work- you might learn how closed your joints really are!-certainly not the same as with a fellow student learning the same thing. The greatest benefit of practice partners, apart form as you say- of making it all a bit more real in life- was becoming more sensitive to their energy/movement, which then makes you more aware of your own, but for now I am enjoying solo concentration each day…and using the videos and this forum to make some particular version of my reality.

    There goes my lunch break.

    …and in the opening spirit of your post Taokua , anyone in Ireland looking for occasional limb pulling practice can PM me…who knows.

    Good luck




    Hi Taokua B,

    Yes, we may have a good teacher but we may be a bad student.
    Someone may ask his wife to help to pulse the wrist and he might get a stare and she just rolled her eye.So he go solo.
    My wife is enrolled in Bruce meditation monthly and so she is not new to energyarts. I asked her to help to pulse my wrist and she did but said I am not watching and keep insisting that I must look at the skin surface that is moving. She wants me to see her pulling while I am trying to feel the internal joint. I give up and go solo. You see I am a bit of a recluse in the first place.
    I get your point that we might take the instruction too lightly and can easily just do it our own way, without a partner, and later decided that what we are doing does not work for us.
    Good try.

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