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    Hi all.

    I have been practicing zhan zhuang for about two years, and now I like to add santi posture into my daily zhan zhuang practice.

    However, someone told me that the practice of santi will cause the build up of aggressive energy, which needs to be released at the end of the practice session. Otherwise, I will end up with a lot of aggressive energy inside my body which may actually negatively affect my behavior during the day.

    I am wondering if anyone who has practiced santi has any such experience of becoming more aggressive? I want to practice santi, but I do NOT want to turn into a monster. Can you recommend ways to release those energies at the end of the practice?

    Does Frantzis’ Xinyi and I Chuang DVD teach how to deal with those aggressive energies that is accumulated from santi posture?

    Please let me know

    Thank you :)



    Hello Charlie- best wishes… I happened to check and see your msg, so I’ll jump in (espec as this issue is one I’ve seen people comment, that HsingI does that… which hasn’t been my experience, but it can)..

    I believe it comes down to the phrase- What you practice, you become. (or perhaps more literally- “how” you practice (to be), is how you wire-in your system to ‘be’/to act…).. what is the underlying ‘tone’ that is upholding your movement/shape, what is your structure based-upon, and what is the context in which you hold your practice (making meaning of it).. those three.

    –just as one example- I find many do a completely different aspect than has ever made sense to me (sort-of a scarecrow holding of the arms… which works ok in an even position, like holding-the-ball (or “tree-hug”).. but an “uneven” (ie not bilaterally symmetrical) creates a load…
    (likewise if the pressure presses upon the diaphram.. ex some other posts, on this website, in the older-posts cover a number of issues- I’m not sure if you looked for any) — vs if do, either SanTi, or holding-the-ball basedupon Sung-Peng (inflated-balloon type structure, so that without that you would collapse to the ground per gravity.. (most are basically standing, and holding arms, which is different).
    So if this post-comment-reply is read as two parts, the first (the 3 components, ie “what is the underlying ‘tone’ that is upholding your movement/shape,…” etc) – can reveal issues (many can seem peaceful and relaxed, and even look it, even if you check them muscles as ‘sort-of’ relaxed.. but it is obvious (even if subtle) that they are “Grin and Bear it” (holding the position by- arghh I’m a gonna power through…” even if that is quiet.. the “power” that is resisting gravity is a “push”… realize that one is practicing sustaining that “push feeling” … then can find, underlying the rest of your day, you always as a subtle-constant arghhh- push going on.. (vs.. etc).

    -and the second part of post, (which could be seen as a specific manifestation of part of the issue in the first part, but also can be a separate issue— the actual method being used).
    in regards the DVDprogram.. I’m not sure if it has what you might be looking for (aspects covered, but I don’t think it is covered directly explicitly- you’ve have to read-for it, and interpret that dynamic- espec as so many assume that is the case,… therefore most practice it that way).. hopefully the above (and other related, older, posts on this forum- might help). good luck

    main issue might be noting- during a practice (keep part of your attention on aggro lvl? – like just a glance, at a gauge in the corner of your eye- ~engine temp, in car but don’t let it distract you).. mostly After a practice.. and especially over time.. (the next day or so, tune-in and sort of self-eval…

    a big issue with “life” let alone, meditation or energy practice, is not so much an affect, but that people forget to sort of notice.. and that it will start to drift, and adjust them.. and they’ll continue.. and over time….

    (there are some practices that can derange you, but if you aren’t making-up a system, and following instruction from say Bruce- so many others out there, even some well-known are a bit risky)..
    and if you have another (best is a teacher-type you meet with, or at least a “fellow practitioner” even just a hello-meeting crossing paths- each can sort of look the other in the eye– notice crazy-eye? notice a frazzily-energy field? etc.)
    but if not a feeling energy-practitioner (whatever that is).. at least a person that will know you want them to comment if you seem a bit “off”… self- is best, but nice to have another giving fdbk.. can in case you get swept along..

    and report back what you consider (if you try and see- what do you find? if this doesn’t seem enough to reassure you, what other thoughts might you have? -specific issue with HsingI, or more just cuz somepeople mentioned it is an issue?
    Was that commented by people that have any experience?

    -have you practiced or had any coaching, live-in-person by someone with any ChiGung skill, that you repecdt their attainment, who has given you fdbk on your “state”?



    Hi Charlie,

    I can’t say I’ve ever noticed anything like that.

    Hsing I does produce lots of yang energy but that is neutral. It also creates a very goal oriented mind state that can sometimes come across as cold. If it turns up as aggression then I guess that has more to do with the emotional state of the practitioner. You can balance that out with dissolving or maybe tai chi.

    As long as you notice what it is causing in you then you can moderate your practice accordingly.

    I don’t remember Bruce mentioning anything specific in the DVDs but it’s been awhile since I watched them.



    One other thing –

    many years ago I remember Bruce recommending working with a psychotherapist if you want to deal with the deeper stuff that comes out when you engage more deeply in martial arts and spiritual practices.

    Inner dissolving is also fantastically useful.


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