We cannot recommend people who are not Energy Arts Certified Instructors. They may be decent folks, sincere in what they do, but if they aren’t on the list, they are neither trained nor authorized to teach those courses, so let the buyer beware. They may have taken an instructor training many years ago but never re-certified and moved on to other systems, they may have taken a couple of Energy Arts classes, or they may have just read one of Bruce’s books. At best, you’ll learn a really watered-down version of Energy Arts courses and substantially reduce the benefits you gain. At worst, you may be taught something potentially harmful.

Instead we recommend that you find a Certified Instructor in your area from the Energy Arts Directory. Our instructor training programs are very rigorous and generally require a lot of effort and several years of previous experience. To maintain quality standards, instructors must sign a Code of Ethics and re-certify every two years. This is to ensure that they are still teaching the material correctly and neither leave anything out nor mix in anything that doesn’t belong. Certified Instructors are not permitted to teach any Energy Arts subjects for which they have no certification. Instructor standards are higher now than they were in the early nineties when Bruce first began training instructors.

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