Master Frantzis’ Teaching Theme for the 2020 Events at the Colorado Training Center

What is the Golden Thread?

Taoists teach that there is a continuity that moves through everything in the entire universe. It touches and connects all and everything in all times, places and dimensions.

This continuity is present at all levels of existence, from the macrocosm of the whole universe to the microcosm of subatomic particles explored by physicists.

That means that this continuity is also present in all parts of you, from your body to your spirit. It connects you to everyone and everything within and around you.

One of the names Taoists call this continuity – this connector –  is the Golden Thread.

Golden, because gold is a symbol for something that is incredibly valuable.

Thread, because this continuity is like a fine thread that you are trying to understand, strengthen, and enliven. If you engage with it too lightly, it crumples or just falls away from you. If you focus on it too hard, it breaks.

Think of a pearl necklace. Without the thread you just have twenty pearls that are rolling around. With the thread the pearls line up and create something new and complete.

Our Golden Threads

The Taoist perspective is that if you could fully perceive and align yourself with the Golden Thread, you would become a fully realized being, i.e. a Buddha or a Taoist Immortal. You would be conscious of and connected to all and everything in the universe. This is the holy grail of Taoist meditation practice, and it is incredibly difficult to rise to this level of understanding of the Golden Thread.

But there are many ways we can gradually become more conscious of the Golden Thread within and around us.

In the Taoist Water Tradition, we begin this process by becoming more aware of our physical bodies through practices such as qigong, tai chi, Taoist yoga, the internal martial arts, etc.

We examine how the different parts of our bodies are physically connected to each other and how we can become more aware of and strengthen those connections. That is, how we can find golden threads within us that join all of our organs together; that join our arms and legs to our spines and brains; that allow our blood to flow evenly and smoothly through the entirety of our bodies, etc., so we can better function as a whole?

We explore how to use our conscious awareness to detect such golden threads within us, foster them, and weave them together toward a greater experience and understanding of the ultimate continuity present in the Golden Thread.

As we progress in our studies, we further explore and foster the continuity within the qi that runs our bodies, and as we turn more and more toward the study of meditation, the qi within our emotions, minds and spirits. For example, one of the golden threads within each of us weaves together and connects our emotions of peace, contentment, happiness and joy. How can we perceive and encourage this and other incredibly valuable golden threads within us?

What golden threads do each of us need to discover and connect with the Golden Thread in order for us to reach our full human and spiritual potential? This is the practice of the Golden Thread.

Master Frantzis Teachings in 2020

Throughout 2020 Master Franzis will be teaching weekend and week-long events with the Golden Thread as a major theme.

Gods Playing in the Clouds: The Golden Thread (Saturday, Apr. 18 & Sunday, April 19)
Gods Playing in the Clouds: The Golden Thread (Saturday, Oct. 10 & Sunday, Oct 11)
The Golden Thread in Wu Style Tai Chi  (2 Weeks July 20-31)
The Golden Thread in Taoist Meditation  (1 Week August 3-7)

By taking one of these events, you will be introduced to exploration of the golden threads within you.

By taking more you can deepen further and further your understanding and practice of this profound subject.

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