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Bagua Water Palm Change

El Cerrito, CA, United States
5 June 2015 - 7 June 2015

This is the 6th or Water Palm Change of Liu Hung Chieh’s Circle Walking bagua system. Besides having the qi development and fighting techniques of bagua as an internal martial art, it also includes important elements of the Taoist monastic meditation tradition of bagua.

Price after May 1: $375

Registration/Check-in: June 5 (Friday), 6:00 PM--First class session is 6:30-9:00PM.

Approximate daily course schedule on Jun 6-7 (Sat-Sun)is is 10:00AM-5:00PM with a two hour lunch break. Course schedule may be subject to change depending upon group dynamics.

Prerequisites: All levels welcome.


Bend the Bow and Shoot the Arrow Qigong

Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza, Spain
4 July 2015 - 5 July 2015

Bend the Bow Qigong is a powerful practice for consciously strengthening and regenerating the spine. In China, this form is used to control spinal energy and achieve optimum functioning of spinal vertebrae movement. In China, it was found to be helpful in relieving mild to severe back problems such as scoliosis. Learning to control the alignments and flow of qi in your spinal vertebrae can be the path to a happy and healthy back and neck.

At its more sophisticated levels, Bend the Bow can enable people to consciously move each spinal vertebra in any direction at will without external physical motion—techniques not believed to be possible in Western medicine. This technique is also a basic component of Fa Jin in internal martial arts and central channel work in Taoist meditation.

Price after May 1st: $375

This Bend the Bow course can be taken as a stand alone weekend workshop or as prepratory course for the spinal qigong work in the subsquent Gods Playing in the Clouds Instructor Training and RetreatAnyone who wishes to qualify for Level 1, 2, or 3 instructor certification in the Gods Playing in the Clouds instructor training is highly encouraged to attend this weekend.

Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong Instructor Training

Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza, Spain
6 July 2015 - 25 July 2015

For the first time in Europe, Taoist Lineage Master Bruce Frantzis is offering a three-week, 150-hour, instructor training where you can receive certification in Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong.

This is one of the oldest and most powerful Taoist rejuvenation methods. It was the only qigong Bruce Frantzis' Taoist Lineage Master, Liu Hung Chieh, practiced daily after age 50 to enhance his personal longevity.

Composed of only 6 physical movements, this qigong set at its advanced level incorporates all aspects of neigong. It is a primary bridge between qigong and meditation. The external physical movements of Gods are fairly simple yet encompass all the internal techniques of qigong. Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong builds on and enhances all the material in the other qigong programs Bruce Frantzis teaches. 

Price: $3395
Price after May 1: $3745

Master Frantzis will move between two groups, and his Senior Instructors will teach and monitor the practice of the group that he is not teaching.

You can participate in one of the two groups, and seek a certification track appropriate for your level of skill and experience:

Group 1 will include those present for one of the following certication tracks:Read more...

The Heart of Qigong, Ba Gua, Tai Chi and Meditation: The Right, Left and Central Channels of Energy

Oxford, United Kingdom
24 October 2015 - 28 October 2015

For the first time Bruce Frantzis will go more deeply into the Taoist perspective of the energy work at the heart all the spiritual energy-traditions in the East: the left, left and central channels of energy.  

These 3 channels, deep in the right side, left side and centre of the body, have the ability to activate, strengthen and control a person’s 1st six energy bodies, from the physical to the karmic. They can also lead someone to their spiritual essence or what the Taoists call the Body of Individuality. 

Everything we experience, including all bodily processes, thoughts, feelings, emotions etc, has relative or oppositional qualities (e.g. high/low, big /small, slow/fast, left/right etc...) the Chinese call these the yin and yang that exist within time and space, cause and effect (karma) and action. Regardless of whether these are free and well functioning or blocked, they are generated, controlled and governed by our left and right channels of energy. 

Price: $775
Price after Sep 15: $825
Certified Instructor discounts are available before Sep 15.

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I recently returned from a three week instructor training in a chi gung practice called “Gods Playing in the Clouds”. This intensive was held at Menlo College near San Francisco and I’d like to share some details about my experience.


Frank Iborra