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    Hi Paul,
    I’ve been enjoying everything – thank you.
    Practicing side breathing upon awakening and lying down is much easier. I become aware of what is already happening, effortlessly. The belly goes up and down and by just thinking of filling the sides the breath fills the sides. After a few moments my body wants to take a deeper breath. This morning (with legs bent) I noticed tension in my lower back. I just kept aware of my breathing.

    Now standing it’s not as easy – I agree with you! When standing and practicing my alignments and/or breathing should I relax my abdominal muscles?

    Do you recommend practicing side breathing during the day whenever I think of it (standing and/or sitting)?

    Do you recommend relaxing my abdominal muscles whenever I realize I’m holding them? (This is counter-intuitive to my mother’s voice – tuck in your stomach and stand up straight! And me wanting to make my stomach flatter.)

    Thank you for your time in answering!



    Reply in Week 3 folder…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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