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    Dear Bill,

    First I want to share that I’m very grateful for having learned the Dragon and Tiger qigong set. It certainly is a powerful and graceful energy practice. I feel that it has lots of beauty and spirit inside it and that it touches also the heart to practice it (so it’s not only a physical healing exercise after all)…. :-)

    I wanted to suggest something for those of us that can’t afford to see Bruce or to find an instructor in our area (I live in Israel…). Can you consider adding a few videos in which you give further tips and in-depth explanation as for the Dragon and Tiger practice? Any further information that does not appear in this course… I bought the dragon and tiger book but it has pretty much the same material in terms of the exercise itself. So anything that can further refine the practice would be great.

    Thank you very much for this wonderful qigong set and for your clear teaching!

    All the best,



    Hi Tom,

    Please let us know if you have specific questions or demos that you are interested in. We will see what we can do.

    Dragon and Tiger as you probably know has many different layers. Our hope is to do another series that builds on this in the future, but it is a tremendous effort in terms of time and resources to put this programn together so it is unlikely that it will happen this year.

    Thanks for your comment,




    I agree with Tom. Indeed, those of us who have decided to invest our time and money, and also our trust in one system, are willing to take it as far as possible. Or at least, to reasonably deepen our understanding of it. Because I don´t want to practice many different series, I want to keep it simple, but deep. And once you are halfway through a system it is a pitty not having a chance to take it further. My case, being from Spain, is that I will likely not have any chance to practice with Mr. Frantzis.

    I have worked with some qi gong masters and I have learned from them that this stuff takes a lot of time and patience, and that some people, me in particular, tend to know stuff which is beyond their level at that moment. I do zhang zhuan as my fundamental practice, so I am learning a big deal about patience. I also know the risks of trying to practice without a solid base and someone to intuitively share the point of it with you. I have even damaged myself in the past. But still, I am willing to take those risks, in the end, they make you grow.

    And now as a matter of pure curiosity, I would like to know in which ways these exercises can be more profound. First, is it possible to integrate the moves in a walking series? I know of some postures which you can combine by moving around in space, it adds a very beautiful element to them. Another guess is that you bear in mind all the time the channels you are working with, and you concentrate on them. Or maybe, you try to interiorize and manifest in your movements the archetypical forces working in the universe, for instance, giving a sense of infinite expansion or contraction when you open or close your body. Or is it that the movements get quicker or sharper or more pronounced?

    As I said it´s out of curiosity that I make these questions, but still, I would like to encourage whoever is in charge of it, to give us some more material.

    Good bye for now, I will get back to the second week, where I belong at the moment!



    uhm… just wondering, how long does it take to get an answer in this forum?



    HI Francisco and Tom,

    Thanks for patience on reply and just saw this now.. It is likely the next series on Dragon and Tiger will add more layers and specifically talk about integrating Taoist breathing in the practice.

    Realisitically we would not film this until later this year, because we have a full schedule with the many other products we are releasing. 

    We are going to be releasing a Qigong course in the Spring with Paul Cavel which will go into different aspects of the internal work that you can put into Dragon and Tiger.

    I hope that answers your initial questions. If we had more resources we would film and go quicker.

    I also want to mention that by Spring of next year their will be a second Volume to the Dragon and TIger Book that will be released. That book will go much deeper than the first and start to share where you can take the practice.



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