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    Cheers all, good to see you are enjoying and experiencing from your practice (whenever I hear people say, it is hard to ‘make themselves practice’ espec if at a live-event.. and they speak of discipline-scheduling, I think of the inherent pull that a practice can have on some.. vs other just don’t feel the pull… so a key is having a practice that you do feel drawn to do – as long as it isnt deranging-you some how, then however you can do it so that you feel driven-motivated to return to the well.. so to speak, sharpening the sword (or axe, depending on the metaphor being used :) — the practice-steps towards wiring-in the groove…

    anyway- a YouTube video I found made me think to post this comment- and then a second is added lower- this relates to a second post-comment I just made in regards to a different thread re dissolving’


    Sitting with your mind “Lotus Nei Gung” channel on YT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCRChIql1tA

    note: this is an “alchemical trad” (as stated in the video), thus “Fire Method” vs “water method”.. but is still closer to Water-Path than other proposed “make it change” methods (“work it”)

    It is a nicely intellectual esplanation of what can be felt, and just occurs (once it is allowed, and not “blocked” via your process… the Power of No stops at any pt along, even with the Power of Yes)…

    Separately related video (re the LiuHe “Six Harmonies” principles. explicitly relates with how practice transforms phy&energy/mind.. but specifically in the section about #5 “the Mind is a fluid, that becomes able to flow thru-the-body.. by connecting up the fascial sys and releasing tension-binding.. thus “YI” (often translated as “intention” but listening-awareness… not as a “makes-sense phrase” but how do you do that?)

    and thus “Concrete-phy-Presence”… ) … thereby this describes how NeiGung (espec ex Std-outerdissolve, while in “alignment” releasing.. and awake, and then in CloudHands or Swing raveling keep that “winding/unwinding” in motion, so the connection that was stationary is as stable, but the dynamic generates energy also..)..
    how that physically changes your system, and directly (not as a metaphor) increases the ability to PutYourMind In&Thru your body..

    (and thus more able to feel inside, and contact what is there.. release and “connect up” further.. allowing more of fascial&mind infusing.. which allows- further deepening devel (and so on). TingJing: thus compared to development of nervous-system spindles.. or perhaps Pizoelectric capacitance conduction of change.. ie why it takes time to develop.. [what will it feel like? not as you imagine it will, as you begin to learn… if you feel ‘mostly the same’ as you did yrs ago, you haven’t transmuted all that much..]


    a last thought- something I keep returning to, if standing, or sitting, or even laying-flat upon one’s back.. and feel you organs and breathing as well as spine/structure, and how much “holding it all together” (as if it might fall apart, as if grabbed by both hands and pulled inwards).
    If laying-flat on your back and relaxing still has that much “holding-tight” vs the great-let-go= “sigh of relief” AHA, expansion.. and if sitting up, and then slowly and effortlessly lift up an arm (just to scratch your nose, or reach out for a cup of water). and that change of leverage created clutching and tension in the torso to “re-stabilize” OnTop of the above mentioned tension…..
    [and all this is not at all touching upon the beginning “OuterDissolving” which gets into –to put it a bit crudely/simply– the clutching vibration/stuckness in the tissues itself, that which does the movements and ‘bracing”… so even if the above mentioned holding-together is let go, to notice a base-line “vibrating-tension-buzz” of the Material itself… ]

    * but release that static-buzz, and connect up the parts, and give a structure that doesn’t have an underlying clutching-freeze-hold in the motion.. then all “actions” done.. OR holding in a position, becomes quite different…
    and the real-key: what state of ‘mind’ does that-physical condition create/support? (and what are you able to sense/notice/interact with in your-self? ..)
    that state, that initial change is needed -perhaps- to be able to Understand what dissolving is. ie one needs create a type-of-mind from a changed phy-body (just like newly developed nerve structure, from Practice) -in-order-to then be able to ‘feel’ (then, to quote M. Feldenkrais, then the Elusive becomes Obvious.. and one can sense finer distinctions, once one has improved the organization (of your sensory-interp system); which then can sense finer, and even better optimize-adjust by noticing what is off, and thus further improve the org.. which directly enables sensing finer distictions- etc etc.

    or more simply, the initial steps/drills of NeiGung build the foundations for the next.. perhaps after having done for a while there will be changes, just as you experience stepping and standing differently, if you practice standing/balancing on one-leg, with the other leg lifted high: as in GoldenRooster position.. can’t guess-fore-see what they will devel… and once done so then “more becomes possible” -from the pt further towards the Horizon, one can see (exper) farther..



    Something I just experienced was that a blockage can ignore me.
    However, I think this is what happens from being nice/genial to my blockage vs. gentle.
    That being unnaturally gentle with a blockage just gives it not only fuel with which to throw vitriol back in my face (in the form of negativity or harshness; an equal and opposite reaction for all the imbalanced-kindness) but also an ability to, just as courteously, ignore my dissolving.
    I can be as sweetly insistent and cordially firm as all get out, but my sweetness, when done unnaturally, just greases it up.
    So, it’s all about natural gentleness…I mean, gentleness is a matter of application rather than an emotion, though gentleness can be applied to any emotion, but, it is still about naturalness.
    The modern approach to spirituality, probably as a result of humans down through the ages, has been about love-conquers-all. I’d argue naturalness conquers all. It is easier to love rather than discover what really is natural nowadays, in this way, I’d similarly argue love nowadays can be unnatural…we can take it too far (or not far enough).



    Well I can’t feel my entire right side, meaning the right hand 20% going from the head splitting the right eye, neck, shoulder, side, and half the right leg. Split in 2, cleaved you could say.

    Anyway strange thing is I have worked on about everything else inside apart from the right hand side. I have kept moving away from it, but now I realise that it is throwing out negative messages that have kept me away, and in fact seems like there is lots of nasty stuff buried in there.

    Sometimes I start working on it and just get totally discouraged, confused, change the practice half way through and so on. In other words, the blockage has got my number.

    But … anyway, I will be working on it. I think doing D&T circulates the chi a bit which can help. Also I get really severe headaches working on it. Fighting it definitely does not help.

    Relaxation works, because they were originally created in my case under situations of pressure and trauma. I listened to Michael Winn’s Inner Smile this morning, pretty good.

    Another avenue of work is to notice when this blockage is controlling you … for instance when I am violently negative. And to remain passive and observant at such times. In this way you sap the energy from it, otherwise it feels encouraged every time you let your monster out to play – it is as if you are secretly supporting it.



    Have you tried transferring the blockages on your right side to blockages on your left side?
    i.e. when the right starts giving you the signs that a headache is oncoming (hopefully some signs show before even that), you take it as a sign it just isn’t dissolving or maybe that you’re going beyond the 70% rule, so, just transfer the blockage from the right to something blocked on the left side, either on its horizontal plane or down on the left side.
    I’d say try the consolidation part of dissolving BEFORE it starts getting agitated.
    Even if dissolving the right side implies it starts to snarl at you (i.e. that’s as far as you can SAFELY get), try then transferring it into a blockage on your left side, either on level/height with it horizontally or the next blockage on the left side and down from it.

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