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    First of all I want to thank you for making this teaching available.
    I would be grateful for some help and clarification.
    I realise that you have to present technical precision in order to build a good foundation.
    However, I was , and am still hoping for teaching that complements the technical instruction that guides the student toward the energy aspect of this work even in these early stages.
    For example when we move the hands in a circular movement surely it is an external expression of what is going on inside.
    However, you do say “Feel the nerves and tissues release to the back of the circle.”
    How and what is one supposed to feel ?What do nerves feel like?
    I have heard teachers trained in energy arts say “If you dont feel- you are not doing chi gung – it is just aerobics or physical exercise without the chi component.”
    This does not appear to be evident in week 2 videos.
    Would appreciate your guidance.



    Qi gong translates as “energy development”, but if
    you don’t have a framework, a foundation, or the correct parameters, your qi
    will not come alive. In later lessons of the programme, I’ll introduce how to
    contact and feel your qi, which you will put inside of the shell we are
    currently in the process of preparing. One of the major problems I’ve observed
    over the last 26 years is that many students’ formwork is not precise enough to
    cultivate very much qi. Because of this, they waste their time and effort. So
    there is a method to my madness…

    Your nerves can feel as soft as butter or as tight as steel,
    depending on how much tension you have imbedded in your body during your
    lifetime. My comment on feeling the nerves and tissues releasing to the back of
    your circle is an attempt to get you to fully relax your body after you have
    opened and stretched out to the front of your circle.

    I’ve covered the subject of early qi development in-depth on
    my blog, which speaks in much greater detail to the underlying questions you
    have, for example see

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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